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You know you want to see this.

The director of 2009’s Zombieland has a new movie coming out called 30 Minutes or Less. 30 Minutes or Less has the director reuniting with Jesse Eisenberg. In this, Eisenberg plays a pizza delivery man who is forced to rob a bank by two men in monkey masks (Danny McBride and Nick Swardson), or else a bomb strapped to his chest will go off. He reluctantly goes to a friend he more or less betrayed (Aziz Ansari) for help.

The Red Band trailer was recently released and yes, the film actually looks as hilarious as its ridiculous premise. Action comedies are usually hit or miss, but I’m hoping this one is more like Pineapple Express than Your Highness.

30 Minutes or Less is set to be released on August 12. Usually, a mid-August release date means a film isn’t very good. However, this will hopefully be good because nothing makes the end of summer a little less depressing than a good comedy with a cast this good.

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...on the road again...

...on the road again...

This one goes out to all you kids out there. No matter what age you may be, if you can still enjoy a nice cold glass chocolate milk and the occasional animated movie, this one is for you.

Yes, I realize that because I only have a few short months left of my teenage years, I may seem a bit old for cartoons, but let me let you in on a little secret: you’re never too old.

Miley Cyrus - the downfall of the movie

Miley Cyrus - the downfall of the movie

Bolt, for example, may be a cartoon, but it is also cinematic genius and the work of some very famous, world-renowned actors (and no, I am not talking about Miley Cyrus). John Travolta, Nick Swardson and Greg Germann all join the film’s cast to become animated and test out their voice acting abilities.

In fact, many very popular actors have decided to go cartoon, making “kid” movies almost impossible to stay away from. Jack Black’s rendition of Kung Fu Panda was awe-inspiring, as was basically the entire cast’s performance in Madagascar (and from what I hear, Madagascar 2). The new movie Monsters vs. Aliens with Seth Rogen and Reese Witherspoon looks like a gem that I plan to see as soon as I find someone comfortable enough in their maturity to see it with me. (more…)