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I’ve come up with a way to best describe senior year and see what wisdom I can impart on all you wee-little underclassmen when I depart from this world. I’m talking about the college world, so relax before you start calling the suicide prevention hotline. You know that thing called a “mid-life crisis” that many of your dads probably went through and you hear about so much?

Well, when I turned 20, I made a big joke about how I’m having a “quarter-life crisis.” I guess I kind of thought I was having one, mostly because I wasn’t a teenager any longer. But quarter-life crisis is actually a pretty good way to describe the feeling I’m having now, graduation looming within the year and what not. When you hit this time, you start to take a look back and reflect on just what exactly you’ve spent your entire college career doing. Personally, what it makes me think of is who I used to be.

Anyone who knows me in-depth, as you soon–yes, you there, sitting at the computer, I’m talking to you–will know when you read my every post and follow me throughout the semester, is that I like to think philosophically. I personally believe that you are not the same person you were years ago; experience, age and jadedness take its toll in many ways.

No, not that kind of Jade.


I woke up this morning to an entire day-ruining email that began with this incredibly sarcastic and far too excited opener:

“Who uses 15 thousand pounds of paper, killing 194 trees; consumes 224 million BTUs of energy; and emits over 44 thousand pounds of carbon dioxide and as much sulfur dioxide as 35 eighteen-wheelers driving year-round? We do! The printing done in the Newhouse computer labs generate those staggering numbers–not to mention a huge cost!”

While reading this all I could think was: What the hell is tuition actually paying for? If you’re a Newhouse student, you have or will have taken graphics, and probably a few other creative design classes. This means you will most likely need to test print several copies of your work before you turn in the final project. I remember printing out tons of copies of my magazine project before I got my final product right. What would that cost me now? Probably less than $10 but still an expense that as a poor college student, I shouldn’t have to pay.


Asswipes protesting on Waverly Avenue in Syracuse

The scenery on my way down to Marshall Street...beautiful isn't it. Also, for clarity's sake, most of these people are witnesses, not protestors.

If you look closely at the sign, it says “Islam is an Evil, Oppressive, Violent, Murderous Religion” and I can’t even begin to say how incredibly inaccurate this statement is. If you have any semblance of a brain and aren’t deluded by those hatemongers akin to Glenn Beck, you’ll already know. If you don’t, I have no way of convincing you because you clearly belong to a faction of American society that follows ignorant statements spewed by TV pundits pandering to the lowest common public fear for ratings. Coincidentally, this is exactly what Hitler did to get elected in Germany and then carry out the Holocaust.

On a side note, the gentleman in the black coat with his back turned to the camera followed me after I took this picture with my cellphone. He seems to believe that he can sue me if I post this on the Internet. He clearly doesn’t know his media law (thank you Professor Gutterman). He was in a public place, the sidewalk on the corner of University and Waverly Avenue in Syracuse. This locale is just outside the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, ripe full of budding journalists. Smart location if you want to keep your ignorant, protesting identity a secret.

Second side note, the guy holding the sign is changing it up. Last week his sign featured an aborted fetus. Someone needs a day job.

–Kate Holloway, Editor-at-Large

Update 3:10 PM – I forgot to mention that the man with the hateful sign was also holding another sign about Jesus and love and spewing out messages to the effect that Islam was spread on the hilt of a sword (I can’t remember the exact quote, so I won’t try to put it). I know we’re the ironic generation, but Crusades and American colonization anyone?