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I have not left Syracuse since I came back for the fall semester in August, and I am ready to get the hell out of here–even if it is only for a few days. Although this longer Thanksgiving break came at the expense of not getting days off for religious holidays, I am thankful for the longer holiday. After going to the mall three times already this semester and heading to a football game, I have once again come to the realization that this town has absolutely nothing to offer for the city dweller that I am.

Thanks to Student Association for providing buses to the major cities along the East Coast. For those of us in this time zone not looking forward to the overcrowded Greyhound and Megabus, the convenience of hopping on a bus at Schine is better than spending 20 plus bucks for a cab or waiting for an unreliable Centro bus. As per usual, I will carry some reading material with me and not read a single page during my exodus from upstate New York.

I cannot wait to return to my hometown where I can choose from world class dining franchises, such as Bubba Gump Shrimp and TGI Friday’s in Times Square. I am looking forward to sophisticated homeless people who do not live on Marshall Street but rather call the A train home. Screw the Carousel Center, I will be free to shop from 59th Street all the way down to Soho. Ah, home here I come. Tourists, get the hell out of my way!

-Brysan Brown

I’m sure a bunch of you have internships in Manhattan this summer, so you’re likely familiar with the subway. It’s dirty, cramped, and the fresh stench of body odor is almost always present, especially in the summer. With over five million people riding the subway everyday, the trains are havens for germs. That’s a part of the glory of New York Transit, and anyone who tries to change that is messing with the New York City way of life. Well, MetroMitt LLC is trying to do just that.

Let me introduce you to the MetroMitt, aka the hand condom. It’s a mixture between a plastic sandwich bag and a lunch lady’s glove, with a terribly designed logo on top. The purpose is to clean up your commute, and prevent the spreading of disease and viruses. Not just any viruses, the company is proud to announce that the Mitts prevent diarrhea, zits, pinkeye, and sore throats. It’s tacky and wasteful, and if you’re going to wear a metro mitt, you better recognize that you look stupid. If you really care that much about a spout of diarrhea, spare yourself and don’t ride the subway. Or even go crazy and wash your hands after your ride.


Yankees fans, next time you grab a Bronx Bombers hat or shirt make sure you are representing well. Analysts are noticing that New York City locals and crime aficionados like to do their dirty work in Yankees gear.

Is it team spirit? It could have something to do with people — including  those fond of committing robbery and assault — emulating celebrities. And Jay-Z loves his Yankees. Or maybe that’s just the hat any New Yorker is going to grab when he wants to look inconspicuous.

It’s unclear whether there is really a connection between Yankees garb and crime. What’s certain is that criminals in the Big Apple and their fondness for the Yankees is more than a coincidence; the trend is even noticeable outside of the city.

I say, stop it. I want my team to be stealing, not its fans. Stealing bases, that is. Zing!

~Nicole Fisher

Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Amsterdam. Even Bill Shakespeare’s power of three does not quite do a justice for all that this city embodies. From the moment we arrived, everyone was excited, including your humble narrator. 

Our hotel was better than the tenement we resided in during our stay at Paris, with soap, hot water and fresh towels in the morning- all things that reminded us why we were paying for a private university education.

When a city offers you legalized drugs, an incredible nightlife, and the opportunity to window-shop for women, it is quite easy to see how youngsters can be easily led astray. I am neither confirming nor refuting the actions of my comrades, however, may I repeat, that it is the twenty first century. (more…)