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Many hail Starbucks as an evil corporation that exemplifies capitalism at its worst. Others see it just as another (extremely) successful business that has made a name for itself.

News of its recent purchase of juice company Evolution Fresh for $30 million has sparked new controversy over Starbucks’ further expansion in the industry. In his TIME NewsFeed article about the purchase, writer Nick Carbone points out that with this decision “Starbucks is pitting itself against juice stalwarts Odwalla and Naked Juice—owned by Coca-Cola and PepsiCo, respectively.”

He is correct, but I find that fact ironic since Starbucks is still selling Odwalla and Naked Juice products in its stores. Maybe they’re planning on gradually changing all the juice options to be from Evolution Fresh over a period of time? We shall see.

For now, anyone who has a problem with the purchase needs to calm down. This expansion is just business to Starbucks, and it’s their choice if they want to take advantage of offering health-conscious options. If people are buying these kinds of juices, the company would be stupid not to participate in their sales.

-Erin Elzo