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Every year, Pirelli marks the New Year by publishing a calendar. Traditionally, these types of gigs use “men’s models,” sort of like soft core porn you can call art. What distinguishes the Pirelli Calendar is its inclination to use high fashion models and famous fashion photographers. Maybe it’s a way to appeal to a different clientele or just to create a high fashion nude. Either way, it’s always a big deal this time of year, especially last year when Karl Lagerfeld took the famous photographs.

Well, it’s that time of year again and the first glimpses of the pictures have come out. Mario Sorrenti shot them this year, and the variety of models is a bit disappointing. They seem to all look a bit similar and some seem out of place. Also, many of the poses come off as uninspired. I know Kate Moss is a legend and can do pretty much whatever she pleases, but her appearance among this group of models is a bit strange considering they all represent a different generation. Not to say that age should keep her out of the calendar, but she just comes off as the odd one out, even though she looks gorgeous. And don’t get me started on the choice to put Mila Jovovich in.

And, as always, when you put a group of nude models together, a standout always emerges. This time is no exception. Joan Smalls’ appearance in the 2012 Pirelli calendar solidifies her place amongst the very top at the moment. She looks unbelievable in these pictures and outshines the rest, even though Lara Stone comes in a close second. I’m a bit obsessed with these photos of her.

-Nadjma Sako

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Fashion is often criticized for its lack of diversitywhether it be on the runways or off. That reputation is well-earned when considering the absence of people of non-European descent in the industry. Models are often an easy way to gauge race representation simply because the backgrounds and origins of the models are known and it is easily quantitative.

Considering the end of the year is approaching, every industry attempts to quantify its successes, failures and advances. In fashion, those lists consider the best looks of the year, the most notable moments, the best and worst trends, emerging talents and controversies. Recently, while stumbling upon one of these lists on Fashionista, the topic was diversity among Vogue cover models.

According to the site, “22 percent of Vogue cover subjects were non-white,” which only points to the fact that the other 78 percent were occupied by white models. And it gets worse: amongst the 22 percent, the majority were of non-European or American Vogue editions. Therefore, most non-white cover models were featured on their country’s editions of Vogue (India, China, Taiwan, etc.). Great.


Michael Kors has been working in fashion for decades, celebrating his label’s 30-year anniversary this year. That is an incredible feat for any business, and particularly astonishing considered the comings and goings of designer labels. Known for making womenswear and sportswear, his brand has expanded to include menswear, accessories, jewelry (everyone’s seen a Kors watch), and pretty much everything under the sun. Kors also seamlessly made the transition into reality television with his place on “Project Runway” judge’s panel.

Now, Kors is going public. The company will be under the KORS name on the New York Stock Exchange and intends to sell 48 million shares. The company’s overall value will be around $3.62 billion. There are few publicly exchanged fashion brands on the stock market, and usually for good reason. Most have not established their businesses enough to take the risk. The Kors business has been strong for decades and is constantly growing and expanding into new markets. This looks like a good move.

Another company planning on entering the NYSE in 2013 is Tory Burch. Similarly to Kors, Burch has had a strong growing business for many years. Undoubtedly, investors will jump at the opportunity to grab shares of this approximately $2 billion brand.

– Nadjma Sako

Since the announcement of H&M’s designer collaboration with Versace last spring, the anticipation grew into complete mania. Advertisements and campaigns for the collaboration were everywhere, and you could not help but think it would be an absolute success.

Well, November eventually came and, as predicted, the lines were outrageous (22 hours?!) and people bought up everything. And then returned it. What usually happens with fast fashion/designer collaborations is the immediate purchase of all items, possible server breakdowns and eventually outrageously priced eBay resales. Well, that sort of happened here, but then people also started returning items to stores. Odd.

It seems that people were more into the idea of owning some Versace than the actual pieces. And so, they waited in line, bought the items, went home and realized they weren’t really into pink ruffles and palm trees in winter. I doubt this will deter the upcoming spring collaboration planned between the two brands, but it does say something about the reason why people shop.

Continuing with the wave of collaborations, H&M announced this week their next designer matchup: Marni! Now this is something to look forward to. Marni is one of those sort-of-not-really niche brands with very loyal customers. Known for their prints, colors and cuts, Marni might provide a good reason to line up. Hopefully it will turn out more like Missoni with Target (minus the internet overload).

Here’s a look at the announcement:

– Nadjma Sako

“Last week on ‘America’s Next Top Model!’” (Tyra voice). Yeah, it’s still on and currently wrapping up Cycle 17. The theme this season has been ANTM All-Stars where all the favorites who might have won from previous seasons came back for another chance at becoming America’s Next Top Model. Tyson Beckford, male supermodel and all around gorgeous man, was on the judges’ panel for last week’s episode. It seems he was less than enthusiastic about fan favorite Allison Harvard, calling her “unpersonable” and finding her looks “uninspiring.”

Her fans, the Allistans, did not take kindly to Beckford’s comments. Thank goodness for Twitter because they were able to let their disappointment show, and in true attention whore nature, he was able to respond. Unfortunately, his reply makes him out to be quite the cocky model we assumed but hoped he wasn’t.

And unfortunately for him, it seems he will have other issues to deal with, namely Tyra. Considering his comments about Harvard and his laughter about knowing who wins, his rant has disclosed information about the possible outcome of the season. Even though he didn’t explicitly say who the winner would be, he strongly implied who it wouldn’t be. No good. And that, I imagine, might bring up a lawsuit or at least the wrath of Tyra.

– Nadjma Sako

A look from the collection

Earlier this month, a portion of Marc Jacobs Spring 2012 collection was reported stolen in London. Apparently, they were “burgled in the Mount Street area,” a very posh area in London. The police reported that there was approximately $63,528 worth of merchandise in the shipment. Considering this is the time when the collection would start being passed around for editorials and to celebrities, what will Marc Jacobs do without the garments?

Well according to the New York Times, the stolen shipment contained duplicates and that the original version shown on the runway still exists. Also, considering the large volume of the shipment, it is assumed that only a part of the collection was stolen because it would be worth much more.

Therefore, the day will be saved in time to allow the collection to be successful. This comes as a relief even though the company will have to spend the money on production all over again. Good thing they can afford it.

-Nadjma Sako

In the age of models, no model has persisted in her career quite like Gisele.
Other models have stayed in the game for very long periods of time, but none as
consistently as Gisele Bundchen.

After maintaining her place as the world’s highest earning model for several
seasons, Gisele left her lush Victoria’s Secret contract. Since that time, she married an NFL quarterback (Tom Brady), had a child and started just a few businesses all over Brazil. And now, without every truly leaving, she is making a comeback.

Recently, Terry Richardson shot her for the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Brazil, and today there are photographs of her in an ‘editorial-like’ photo shoot with Riccardo Tisci. What? Could this mean that longtime friend, model Mariacarla Boscono, has been replaced as Tisci’s muse? I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

-Nadjma Sako

Since Hedi Slimane left fashion in 2007, every few years there are whispers of his return. For what he brought to the industry, he iconized himself in less than a decade. Subsequently, he took his love for photography and made it his full-time creative outlet.

Slimane is someone who has vision because he laces everything he does with his character. When he started his online photography diary, HEDI SLIMANE DIARY, it became clear that it was still him. There is such ease in his transitions, from fashion to images, everything is seamless.

This week, his first West Coast solo exhibition, ‘California Song’ opened at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art. Slimane has often said that California, particularly Los Angeles, has greatly influenced him in his work. In his latest interview with the New York Times, he speaks of his first time in LA and feeling immediately at home. It only makes sense that his first exhibit would be a tribute to Cali: (more…)

This week, Jay-Z’s brand Rocawear put up a t-shirt on its site with the words “Occupy All Streets” for $22. Clearly this was a way for the Rocawear brand to take part in Occupy Wall Street.

How great is it that in the midst of the genuine uproar over poverty and unemployment (to put it briefly), a member of the ruling class (yeah sorry, that’s what the 1 percent is) would try to capitalize on the movement.
And not just any member of the ruling class: Jay-Z is someone who comes from utter poverty and knows exactly what systemic inequality looks like. For him to try to capitalize on this movement and profit from it just shows the power of greed.

Since the shirt came out and Hov realized that this might not be the best way to try to make a buck, the shirts have been taken down from the site. I guess not all publicity is good publicity. [[Editor’s note: As of Monday morning, the t-shirt is now for sale again on back-order via the Rocawear website.]]

-Nadjma Sako

Discussing fashion is not merely limited to apparel, accessories and footwear. Beauty is arguably the biggest grossing avenue in the industry. Fragrance, cosmetics, and hair products bring in the majority of revenue.

Despite how simple makeup can look, it can be surprisingly complicated. Some of us find it quite daunting not knowing which products to buy or not having the funds to just go out and try everything until discovering the gem that will change everything. With that said, I offer a bit of solace to the confusion: Into the Gloss. It is both a beauty blog and a fantastic resource.

Featured are interviews with designers, magazine editors, stylists and just about anyone who can offer a bit of guidance. The blog is informative and conducted in an “as told to” format, which makes the information easy to receive and simulates a conversation. Plus, Emily Weiss, editor of the blog, takes beautiful pictures. I want a beautiful beauty counter of my own.

-Nadjma Sako