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Being at a university that’s home to students from all over the globe, we all know someone who hails from a state or even a country that never, ever sees snow. I’m talking about the kind of place that’s accustomed to a warm climate and seldom dips below 60 degrees. That is the same person who generally expresses extreme envy to us “Northcoasters” over having to go home for the holidays and not being able to experience a white Christmas, even if they don’t technically celebrate the holiday.

Well, to those people I give you “Northcoast Christmas” by The Modern Electric. This is the perfect ode to what the holidays are really like in a region that tends to be consumed by snow around this time. Sure, a white Christmas may seem like a beautiful sight to see in theory, but try living in it for an entire month (or four). TME has it covered with their musings on “lake effect snow,” “digging out our cars” and “dirty decorations.” Yes folks, it’s not all a winter wonderland.

This up-and-coming indie act use their Motion City Soundtrack inspired sound to create an original, less conventional and far more humorous take on a holiday jingle. So, get into the spirit of the season the cool way: “Raise your beer, it’s a Christmas on the Northcoast.”

You can listen to “Northcoast Christmas” in full here.

-Dee Lockett