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On this week’s JERKcast, Lakota, Julia, and Charlie give the low down on Juice Jam, Westcott, and other happenings in the SU area. You can stream the show from or download it directly here!

The cast gives their brutally honest opinions about the performers, the dancing hotdog, all the neon, and the hype behind Juice Jam. Apparently the floral scented, carpeted bathrooms were even a hit for Charlie. After wrapping up their thoughts on Sunday’s event, the crew gives you the rundown on Westcott – where to go, what to order, and what’s going on. Westcott wasn’t the only destination, a quick tangent on Shoppingtown Mall and Mother’s Cupboard reveals how some of the cast likes to ruin everything.

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As spring approaches and people begin to emerge from hibernation, the desire to go out and party all night seems to be at the forefront of every college student’s mind. After a night of dizzy dancing and several Long Islands, waking up several hours later may seem like one’s own personal version of hell. One thing I’ve found to combat even the nastiest of hangovers is a trip to a good old-fashioned breakfast joint. (more…)