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Lady Gaga gets all washed up in a new sneak-peek clip from her upcoming HBO special, Lady Gaga Presents The Monster Ball Tour at Madison Square Garden.  Videos like this offer a rare glimpse in to the off-stage life of Lady Gaga.  They reveal a much different person behind the wigs, lipstick, and confident exterior.  Here, Gaga spills, “I just sometimes feel like a loser still, you know?  It’s crazy ‘cause we’re at the Garden but I still sometimes feel like a loser kid in high school.”  As Gaga grows from The Fame disco-stick Gaga to Born this Way prosthetics-wearing Gaga, she continues to preach acceptance and equality (sometimes politically) to her fans, or what she calls “Little Monsters.”  Gaga speaks about the “Mother Monster” (as she calls herself) relationship between her and her fans, stating, “I just gotta pick my shit up, gotta pick myself up, and I have to tell myself I’m a superstar every morning so that I can get through this day and be for my fans what they need for me to be… I cannot be destroyed and I will not be destroyed.”

So there you have it, superstar Lady Gaga is just as messed up as you and I.  I jest.  This blogger admires and raises his glass to her preachings pertaining to positivity and equality, although I may question her methods and motives from time to time.  I’d get in line for Monster Ball tickets just as early as the next Gaga stan, but this does not mean that I need saving.  Can’t I be a Gaga fan and not teeter on the verge of sanity and suicide?  Apparently I risk being destroyed and need “Mother Monster” to save me.  Gaga recently received flack for calling comparisons of her Born This Way track to Madonna’s Express Yourself “retarded.”  Aside from that, and an occasional appearance on the “worst dressed” list, I don’t think there is much destruction going on in Gaga’s life.  Lady Gaga Presents The Monster Ball Tour at Madison Square Garden premiers May 7, 2011 on HBO.

-Jake Hebert