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The “sick card” is something we all have played before in order to get out of going out on that night you just feel like watching a move in bed or skipping your least favorite class.  But since arriving at ‘Cuse, it seems as though every freshman I know has played this card multiple times (myself included).

Whether our immune systems are still adjusting to the cooler temperature that upstate New York has to offer or living in close quarters with other dirty, sick freshmen, I cannot get rid of this bug.  It does not help that the Health Center receptionists are not friendly, to say the least, and treat you like a dumbass when you walk in and try to make an appointment instead of calling ahead of time.

So, what should you do if you’re feeling like me and being the “Debbie downer” of the night?  Follow my five tips and hopefully you’ll get over this fall sickness as fast as possible–just in time for parents weekend! Yay…not.


You’re walking home from a night out on Marshall St. with your significant other–or a very beneficial friend, or even a person you just met (no judging)–and they’re looking at you with those come-hither eyes.

You both lean in for an innocent (let’s face it, probably not-so-innocent) kiss, and when your lips finally touch, the last thing you’re both probably thinking is, “hmm, I wonder just how many germs we’re exchanging right now.” Just in case you’re newly curious as to how germ-infested those kisses are for future reference, the answer is: very.

Aside from the obvious infections transmitted through saliva-swapping like, mono, strep throat and cold sores, there’s another disease that can be added to that list: Cytomegalovirus. According to a 2009 study in the medical journal, Medical Hypotheses, however, the Cyto-virus (which is what I’ll be calling it from now on), is actually quite beneficial, and could even be deemed as one of the reasons for those late-night lip-locking sessions.