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I’ve caught myself lately tuning into “Millionaire Matchmaker,” a show on Bravo that does exactly what the title suggests. Mere mortals like myself, who have a lot less than a million dollars to their name, are given the opportunity to be hooked up with millionaires, who for some reason couldn’t find love for themselves. But I guess when you happen to be CEO of a multimillion dollar corporation, anything more than a one night stand isn’t exactly something you have at the top of your wish list.

As much as I make the show my guilty pleasure, I’m no idiot. I know that the concept is disgustingly shallow. There is no way a person would sign themselves up to be a potential boyfriend or girlfriend to these millionaires if all of they had to rely on was their looks. Why? Because while half of them are actually atrocious, most have dry personalities and some are complete train wrecks. And speaking of train wrecks, meet Robin. (Scroll to :40)


There’s a curious little ongoing demonstration in New York City, officially dubbed Occupy Wall Street, that you might not have heard about. I personally just learned about this grassroots movement in opposition of Wall Street’s greed, so that alone speaks volumes about how well it’s being covered by the mainstream media.

The protest, which has now entered its eighth day, has no actual attendance figures, aside from the questionable claim of 15,000 made by the demonstration’s own personal website. But, if the videos and testimonies are anything to go on, there are clearly at least a few thousand people taking part in the protest.

Normally, I wouldn’t advocate events like this because I feel that, as a political blogger, I should be writing about my personal thoughts and opinions rather than endorsing a particular organization. However, this is another sad example of the sheer political hypocrisy that I see in our country. When the Tea Party does anything, anything at all, it’s covered in the news ad nauseum. Yet, Occupy Wall Street is clearly not being covered by the media, aside from the occasional blurb. (See for yourself.)