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For most of you it probably seems that I talk way too excessively about Spotify, but this is a huge breakthrough in the music industry.  For once, complete, organized and easy streaming of music is free.  It is also extremely fast to add new music.  Albums are added to Spotify if not the day of, the day after they are released.

For a premium subscriber like me, I get access to these songs with no ads, commercials and on my mobile phone.  I take Spotify to the gym with me, on the walk to classes, everywhere.  I haven’t bought more than three songs on iTunes since the program came to the U.S. in July.  One of those three songs was “Someone Like You” by Adele.

Adele is one of the few artists who has been boycotting Spotify and not releasing their new albums on the program. Coldplay is also on that list. Their new album “Mylo Xyloto” will not be streamed on Spotify, at least not anytime soon. The reason for this? No one will come out and say it straight, but it defiantly seems like a financial issue. When millions of listeners can stream new albums on the day of the release on Spotify that eliminates millions of purchasers that would be buying the album that day. It’s apparent that albums not being released on Spotify are selling better than those on the program. Adele’s album “21” recently broke worldwide record sales and Coldplay’s latest album is on it’s way up there.

It’ll be interesting to see if other bands start to catch on to this trend.  Indeed, Spotify is a free service to basic members, but these users have to face the burden of only accessing their music on their computer and with commercial interruptions.  By paying the $10 premium fee and paying your dues to the artists and their work, you get unlimited streaming anywhere from your mobile phone, the ability to take your playlists with you, no commercial interruptions and more.

-Hayley Isaacson