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Missoni crashed Target’s website on Tuesday. Wait, what? Yeah, that was my reaction too. I’m sure the crash was equivalent to when tickets for a Justin Bieber concert go on sale. I wouldn’t know, but I can certainly imagine the magnitude of such an event. Target didn’t anticipate such a huge response, and, frankly, I wouldn’t have either. Who’d expect an entire collection to sell out in 10-15 minutes?!

Several news sites stated that the site crashed multiple times throughout Tuesday and once more Wednesday morning. Target began displaying a disclaimer page after the second crash. On the page was a picture of the Target dog and the message “We are suddenly extremely popular.” Now, I was one of those lucky enough to experience this firsthand. However, I was not one of those enthusiastic Missoni aficionados seeking Margherita Missoni’s accessories, or the no-label Missoni jackets for $69.99. I was just trying to look up bicycle prices. No, not the special Missoni bike that costs $399.00-$399.99. The boring kind. Completely unaware of the new collaboration between the Italian designer and mega retailer, imagine my surprise and confusion when I was greeted by a smiling dog excusing its “popularity.”


The highly anticipated partnership between Missoni and Target is finally underway. In fact, they have released preliminary images to a popular fashion Tumblr, as a different approach to PR. Hopefully, the online hype will help sales of their underwhelming items. The partnership branches beyond just clothing and dips its foot in tech accessories and even home goods. So what’s the general opinion about the get up?

The bicycle is awesome and the teacups are great, but with an average price point of  “little to nothing,” the clothing is generally subpar. The textiles will obviously not come close in comparison to the luxury Missoni the world knows, and I say then why bother? I hate cheap fabric; it’s itchy and falls apart quickly.

Missoni has built an empire on indulgent prints made out of only the most luxurious fabrics. Anything other than the best is simply a lookalike. Although, I would kill to own that bicycle, I would definitely pass on the polyester shift dress. There will be over 400 items though, so maybe I will be pleasantly surprised. If not, the home goods are pretty awesome.

The whole collection will be available at September 15.

-Victoria Troxler