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Mindy Kaling, Marry Me

Posted: October 16, 2012 by jerkmagblog in WATCH -- TV
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The Mindy Project airs on Tuesday nights after New Girl. This essentially means that I will forever avoid doing things that require me to leave my room on Tuesday nights. While some people think certain things can be neglected, my relationship with comedy will never fall into this category.

For those unfamiliar with Mindy Kaling, she’s most well known for her role on The Office as Kelly Kapoor, but what some may not know is that she started writing for the show at the tender age of 24. I’ve pretty much decided that she’s the bee’s knees and that she’s probably the funniest woman on television today, but that may be a bit presumptuous.

If you need something to watch that makes you question the personal lives of your physicians, this is your show. Sure, it’s not Grey’s Anatomy, but it’s far funnier than anyone could have imagined.

-Tenaysia Fox