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“The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins

If you thought you couldn’t get any more post-apocalypse, screw-big-government than “1984” or “Brave New World,” then Jerks, I introduce you to “The Hunger Games.” FYI, this is not your typical teen trilogy. Yes, the days of Judy Blume and “The Baby-sitters Club” are over. Death and violence amongst kids take the win.

A civil war has resulted in a new nation, Panem. It is divided into 12 districts, which are controlled by the Capitol. To remind the districts of their defeat in the war, the Capitol devises the Hunger Games. Every district must send two teen contestants, where they backstab and kill each other to win. Katniss’s sister, Prim, is drawn on her first and only ballot. Determined to protect her sister, Katniss then does the unthinkable: she volunteers to take Prim’s place.

Okay, “The Hunger Games” is not terribly gory, but it’s up there. Personally, I don’t think it should be in the same category as “Twilight,” “The Vampire Diaries” or other works of teen fiction; they can’t even compete. Of course, every popular teen fiction book must have a film-version counterpart. The film adaptation fo “The Hunger Games” is coming out next year. Don’t mind me, I’ll just be drooling over Gale. If only the actor wasn’t previously in a Miley Cyrus movie…

-Vania Myers

What would you do to have sex with your favorite celebrity? Go to all of their shows and try to hopelessly stand out for recognition? Stalk every internet space they exist on? Find out their contact information (don’t know how but I’m sure it possible) and give them a ring? Well now you don’t need to do ANY of that! You can buy your favorite celebrity from Pipedream Products in blow up doll form.

Hannah Montana starlet, and hardly 18 year old, Miley Cyrus has had a sex doll created that more than “resembles” her. And in my opinion it looks way to creepily real. I never really got the whole, blow up doll thing, although I do not have something to put in one either.

“Finally Miley, or “Mylie”, complete with “3 achy love holes” sold out in less than 48 hours of being put out on the market. You can purchase “Finally Mylie” for less than $30 on Amazon and even less on Ebay (although I wouldn’t trust how  “new” it is on there…ew). Other dolls in the “Super Star Series” include J Lo, Jessica Simpson and Pamela Anderson (well, duh). I think our society needs to take a chill pill. For reals.

-Alicia Aiello

Comedian Ralphie May was approached by a cute pooch on October 4, in the Guam airport. Thinking the dog just really liked him, May pet the dog and did not walk away. Turns out, Fido was a customs dog, and Ralphie was a stoner. Yup! Ralphie May was caught with some tree.

Teen Queen Miley Cyrus was dissed last Saturday night on SNL by newbie Vanessa Bayer, who got her raspy voice, hyper confident, “pretty cools” down pat. Cyrus was made to look like a complete idiot, no doubt.

Real life teen mom Bristol Palin finally called it permanent quits with ex-fiancé Levi Johnston, who starred in a music video that unfairly dramatizes Sarah Palin’s disapproval of the teen’s relationship with her baby daddy. Well, if you haven’t guessed by now: Palin. Is. Pissed. Not to mention, how embarrassing is that!? If my boyfriend ever mocked out my family he’d be history! Whoever this singer is needs to pick up a couple of hours at her local Kmart and call it a day.

~Julia Fuino

"In a few years, holla at me Miley Cyrus."

"In a few years, holla at me Miley Cyrus."

Even though The Grammy’s were a couple of weeks ago, I can’t seem to forget about some of these outfits. Here are some of my faves and some fuglys…oh and Lady Gaga, who is in a category of her own.

Glee superstar Lea Michele, who also looked stunning at the SAG awards in a teal Malandrino gown, was my favorite on the Grammy’s red carpet. The navy Romona Keveza one-shoulder frock with full petal skirt was darling and made me proud to be a Gleek (don’t judge me).

As much as I hate to admit it, I actually liked Miley Cyrus’ Herve Leger long-sleeved mini-dress. It fit her perfectly and she rocked it. Good Miley, maybe all hope is not lost for you (but it most likely is). (more…)

Miley Cyrus’ Impending Death

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Miley Cyrus death




...on the road again...

...on the road again...

This one goes out to all you kids out there. No matter what age you may be, if you can still enjoy a nice cold glass chocolate milk and the occasional animated movie, this one is for you.

Yes, I realize that because I only have a few short months left of my teenage years, I may seem a bit old for cartoons, but let me let you in on a little secret: you’re never too old.

Miley Cyrus - the downfall of the movie

Miley Cyrus - the downfall of the movie

Bolt, for example, may be a cartoon, but it is also cinematic genius and the work of some very famous, world-renowned actors (and no, I am not talking about Miley Cyrus). John Travolta, Nick Swardson and Greg Germann all join the film’s cast to become animated and test out their voice acting abilities.

In fact, many very popular actors have decided to go cartoon, making “kid” movies almost impossible to stay away from. Jack Black’s rendition of Kung Fu Panda was awe-inspiring, as was basically the entire cast’s performance in Madagascar (and from what I hear, Madagascar 2). The new movie Monsters vs. Aliens with Seth Rogen and Reese Witherspoon looks like a gem that I plan to see as soon as I find someone comfortable enough in their maturity to see it with me. (more…)