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New Album from Titus Andronicus

Posted: November 11, 2012 by jerkmag in BLARE -- music
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What’s not to love about punk rock bands named for macabre Shakespearean tragedies? Correct answer: nothing (yes, I just employed a double negative because this band is just that good). Titus Andronicus just dropped a new album about a week ago titled ‘Local Business’. The new album lives up to the hype in the sense that the band is still churning out the fist-pumping, lighter-waving kind of punk reminiscent of riding around your hometown on a skateboard at age 14 feeling like a bad-ass. But, uh, no comment if you Jerks never did that…

Check out the debut single from the new album here.

-Mikala Stubley

Hey Jerks! This week’s Artist You Should Know features David Wax Museum, a multivariate group known for combining the sounds of Americana-bluegrass with Mexican folk. The group consists of two members: David Wax and Suz Slezak, graduates of Harvard University and Wellesley respectively. The two met in the Boston area prior to graduation, and have initiated grassroots tours and album releases in the time since.

On their latest album, ‘Knock Knock Get Up’, David elaborates: “It started with a dance rhythm…and the idea of knocking on someone’s door and someone answering back”.

This is an interesting band not only to listen to but to see live. They channel positive energy and like to experiment with different instruments. Watch them play a dance-worthy cumbia en route to Martha’s Vineyard here. At some shows, the group adds a Quijada (the dried out lower jawbone of a horse or donkey) to their percussion arsenal. Definitely worth checking out!

David Wax Museum- Will You Be Sleeping?

-Mikala Stubley

Sup, Jerks! This week’s ‘Artist You Should Know’ is Matthew Dear, a producer/DJ/experimental pop artist. With five labels, six solo albums, several stage names, and an even vaster catalogue of remixes – Dear is an artist with a considerably long music resume. On tour (with the likes of Hot Chip and Interpol) he plays both house sets and alongside live bands. Fans of Brian Eno, David Byrne, David Bowie, and their various respective musical endeavors (aren’t they always producing or collaborating on each other’s albums?) will appreciate Dear’s sound.

He put out an EP in mid-January and a full-length album at the end of August, check it out!

Matthew Dear- ‘Her Fantasy’, from the album ‘Beams’

In the Middle (I Met You There)’, from the EP ‘Headcage’

-Mikala Stubley

Artist You Should Know: Ron Dash

Posted: October 27, 2012 by jerkmag in BLARE -- music
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Sup, Jerks! This week’s artist you should know is Ron Dash – a Philly native who is known for rapping over dance beats. His sound is unique and reeks of swag. In his videos Dash is dressed to the nines: sporting suits, sunglasses, and gold Nike kicks. His tunes are ideal pump-up music for a pregame (or for the more athletically inclined set, the treadmill).

“Say you had a bad day at work, let’s get another drink and forget that jerk”. Amen, Ron Dash.

-Mikala Stubley

Ra Ra Riot at Cuse Nov 14th

Posted: October 26, 2012 by jerkmag in BLARE -- music
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Hey, Jerks! SU alums and indie rockers Ra Ra Riot are pleased to announce their upcoming tour and Syracuse homecoming. The group is known for their graceful string arrangements, in accord with carefully selected lyrics and buoyant pop rock beats. On November 14th, the band is pairing with renowned quartet Wired Strings for what will undeniably be a solid (and sold out) show in Setnor Auditorium. Tickets went on sale Tuesday, October 23rd at Schine box office, so make sure to pick one up!

Check out the show and Ra Ra Riot’s third album, ‘Beta Love’, available on January 22nd via Barsuk Records.

-Mikala Stubley

Jesse Tyler Ferguson of ‘Modern Family’ visited ‘Cuse last week, and was well-received by a crowd of over 1200 people in Goldstein Auditorium. The evening kicked off with Ferguson talking about his ‘Tie the Knot’ campaign, with conversation topics moving from marriage equality legislation to New York theater to the experience of sharing a bed with George Clooney (“…delicious”).

All the indie fame generated by ‘Modern Family’ has pros and cons attached, though. Jesse Tyler mentions a brief (read: borderline traumatic) experience. A woman who was in the process of getting felt up by a TSA agent at the airport did a 180 degree turn to petition him for a picture and/or autograph. “I was like, uh….I’m gonna wait until you’re done”. Despite the occasional awkward fan encounter, Ferguson loves and appreciates his fans. He remarks, “I hope that everyone in this room will have the chance to have a complete stranger come up to them and say ‘I love what you do’”.

For more information about the Tie the Knot campaign, visit and follow @TieTheKnotOrg

-Mikala Stubley


Posted: October 23, 2012 by jerkmag in BLARE -- music
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Hey Jerks, happy midterm week! Just kidding, midterms suck. For fans of Bon Iver and a penchant to procrastinate, may I present Bon Iver Erotica:

I’m at the farmer’s market with Bon Iver. We can’t decide which artisan cheese we like the most! We propped our bicycles against a bush and made love by the creek and then had raspberry pie.

As soon as the sunshower began, Bon Iver and I went outside in search of a rainbow. ‘I found it!’ he exclaimed, but all I saw was empty sky. ‘It’s you, baby. You bring all the color to my world!’

This tumblr features short, fictional stories about the antics of Justin Vernon (of Bon Iver) at his cabin in the woods, akin to the myriad of Ryan Gosling ‘Hey Girl’ memes that have flooded the internet. If you play ‘Holocene’ in the background, it feels like you’re really there!

-Mikala Stubley

Meet the Bloggers: Mikala Stubley

Posted: October 4, 2012 by jerkmagblog in BLARE -- music
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Hey Jerks! My name is Mikala Stubley, and I’ll be your resident music blogger, bringing you info about all things indie both on and off the SU campus. Here’s a little about me:

Year and Major: I am a Junior Geography Major
Hometown: Ilion, NY
Most Embarrassing Moment:Too many to list!
Biggest Lie I’ve Gotten Away With:  I once asked a friend to fake a broken leg in order to get out of a disastrous date (complete with “phone call” from my friend saying she fell down the stairs and I had to come home immediately to take her to the hospital). I didn’t play it off very well because I was laughing the whole time, but the guy actually bought it after I sent him a picture of a taped-up foot.

Movie I Could Watch Over and Over: Pulp Fiction

Tweet me at @mikalastubley with questions, comments, concerns (you know the drill).