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If you weren’t aware, a huge bidding war took place this summer over the untitled new sitcom developed by and starring Michael J. Fox (Marty McFly!). NBC won, which is appropriate since Fox got his start on Family Ties on NBC thirty years ago.  If you also aren’t already aware/were curious how this would affect the show, Fox suffers from Parkinson’s disease, and it will be one of the main points of his new character: a guy from New York raising three kids, dealing with life, careers, and illness.  But this article isn’t about his illness; it’s about why I am so ecstatic/crying/thankful that Michael J. Fox is returning to the spotlight:

1. “Wait a minute, Doc.  Ah… Are you telling me that you built a time machine… out of a DeLorean?” HE’S MARTY MCFLY GUYS!

2. His humor isn’t dirty; it’s lighthearted and relatable. NBC must have finally uncovered their eyes while watching Whitney and realized why it’s the worst. Seriously, NBC, I want something I can watch with my puppy; he’s so young. Or my parents; they’re so old.

3. He’s like Charlie Sheen except only in the good ways. And you know I DO miss “good” Charlie Sheen!  In terms of sitcom roles they remind me a lot of each other; Sheen even replaced Fox on Spin City.  Except with Fox we don’t have to worry about a drunken prostitute binge since he’s actually a respectable family man.  He was given Freedom of the City by Canada, for heaven’s sake! It’s like getting the Key to the City except the weird, knock-off Canadian version.

4. Everyone likes him and always has.  What this means for the show: great writers, great producers, and basically anything he wants from NBC.  And that’s not just because NBC is a ratings crap chute right now and needs something even moderately successful. I admit it is quite the leap of faith to order 22 episodes of ANY show, unless you just came back from the future and already saw its success…. wait…

5. He IS Marty McFly!

-Taylor Kowalski