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I’m sure a bunch of you have internships in Manhattan this summer, so you’re likely familiar with the subway. It’s dirty, cramped, and the fresh stench of body odor is almost always present, especially in the summer. With over five million people riding the subway everyday, the trains are havens for germs. That’s a part of the glory of New York Transit, and anyone who tries to change that is messing with the New York City way of life. Well, MetroMitt LLC is trying to do just that.

Let me introduce you to the MetroMitt, aka the hand condom. It’s a mixture between a plastic sandwich bag and a lunch lady’s glove, with a terribly designed logo on top. The purpose is to clean up your commute, and prevent the spreading of disease and viruses. Not just any viruses, the company is proud to announce that the Mitts prevent diarrhea, zits, pinkeye, and sore throats. It’s tacky and wasteful, and if you’re going to wear a metro mitt, you better recognize that you look stupid. If you really care that much about a spout of diarrhea, spare yourself and don’t ride the subway. Or even go crazy and wash your hands after your ride.