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I came across this as I was walking down the stairs to from the Mount. It’s a flyer for Northeastern University, attempting to recruit people to get a degree in accounting. Too bad we’re already at Syracuse University. There was also a St. John’s School of Medicine poster tacked up next to it.

~Meghin Delaney

Syracuse Fail: Day Hall Bathrooms

Posted: March 4, 2010 by meghinwithani in Uncategorized
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This note was posted on the bathroom door after an e-mail was sent out to all seventh floor Day Hall residents of an incident in which someone was taking a dump in the shower stall in one of the girls’ bathroom. Really? Are we five years old?

Let’s learn to poop where we’re supposed to.

~Meghin Delaney

Syracuse Fail: Graham Dining Hall

Posted: February 24, 2010 by meghinwithani in Uncategorized
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So first Graham Dining Hall tries to prohibit Jerk from being distributed there. Then they try to tell me that there is Ranch in that bottle when it’s clearly ketchup. Fail. (Also note, the face of the blond boy in the background. Fail.)

~Meghin Delaney

SYRACUSE FAIL: Newhouse 3 Trash

Posted: February 19, 2010 by meghinwithani in Uncategorized
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This campus is chock full of trash cans just yearning to be filled with our waste. Can we really not hold onto our trash for a few more minutes until we find another receptacle? I’m sure I’ve been guilty of it more than once so I guess we’re all at fault in this trash receptacle fail.

~Meghin Delaney

Syracuse Fail: Gloves on the Ground

Posted: February 16, 2010 by meghinwithani in Uncategorized
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I always think it’s so funny when I find just one glove sitting all lonely on the ground. Don’t you notice when it’s not on your hand anymore and one hand is warm and the other is freezing? Fail.

~Meghin Delaney

I found this advertisement outside a store on Marshall Street the other day. The store is really appealing to the typical Syracuse University student–a picture of a Keystone Light beer next to soft serve ice cream, I can barely contain my excitement over those two items paired together. A more delicious combo has never existed; I suggest experimenting and making a float. (more…)