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It’s important till it’s not.

Remember those miners that were trapped in that country like a year ago? If  your answer is something along the line of “vaguely,” “kind of,” or “not really,” you’re (unfortunately) not alone. As it happens with most crises around the world—Haiti, Thailand, and all those other countries you heard about for all of five minutes in media time—the 33 miners who were trapped underground for 69 days in Copiapó, Chile, have faded into a distant memory.

Most people have all but forgotten about them, and the media has moved on many times over; but it’s still a fresh reality for the miners and their families. Many of these miners are perfect examples of what happens when individuals are shoved into the spotlight for their 15 minutes of fame, only to be forgotten once the next big thing happens. Sad, but true.


Lack of minority representation in the media is no secret at this point. It has been a serious issue for decades, but CNN has somehow managed to be at the forefront of diverse programming over the years. That is, until now. Following their coverage of the 2008 presidential campaign, the network has seen its minority demographic, specifically African-American and Hispanic viewers, flock to competitor MSNBC seemingly in droves.

There is no doubt in my mind that this dramatic decrease in minority viewership has everything to do with former CNN anchors, Lou Dobbs and Glenn Beck, and current anchor Jack Cafferty whose racist, nationalist undertones continuously marginalize minority viewers. Now that two of these anchors are gone, the network is desperate to win back their minority demographic in time for next year’s election. (more…)

Girls, if this doesn't disgust you, you disgust me...

Girls, if this doesn't disgust you, you disgust me...

Apparently I’m not representing all females when I say Rush Limbaugh is truly a butthead. The “King” of conservative media recently announced he was conducting a poll of how to appeal to more women listeners on his radio show. After taking a couple of previous polls, it was discovered that only 37% of women dig El Rushbo (the Man’s nickname for himself).

Yes the number is small, but percentages are still percentages, and 37% of women DIG El Rushbo. So, for heaven’s sake–what’s the deal? WHY?!

After endless research and reading countless articles, editorials, and blogs, I still couldn’t come up with any reasons why any woman in her sane mind would like him. I also couldn’t find any previously written articles exploring this idea. All I could find are people babbling about why women do hate him (shocking, I know).

I eventually decided I didn’t have many options left, so I consulted with my spring break crew, my 19-year-old male cousin and 75-year-old grandparents. What are any possible reasons why women like good ol’ Rushy? (more…)