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We are in the throngs of an especially intense winter here in Syracuse. With a whopping 138.4 inches (so far) falling on our beloved hill, students have been forced to remain indoors for the better part of the last two months. Some may see this as a hindrance on their traditional college party forays, but being a seasoned Syracusean for three years running now, my friends and I are used to coming up with wintertime alternatives to going out. (Freshmen, take note: as humorous as seeing all the freshman girls slipping and sliding down Comstock is, save the halter-tops for Mayfest).

1)    Fishbowl –This game is delightfully naughty while still maintaining an edge of maturity. First, get a giant fishbowl (remove the fish and water) and have friends write truth or dares on slips of paper and have them anonymously put them into the bowl. Once everyone is finished, sit in a circle and each person must reach into the bowl and pick out a truth or dare. Hilarity ensues, someone will undeniably spill a beer, and you forget all about the sub-zero temperatures outside!

2)    Jersey Shore drinking game – This one speaks all for itself. Gather your friends around the ‘telly with some beers and tune in to this week’s episode of Snooki and Co. Now, while your little get together will probably never get anywhere near the level of shit show you see on “Shore,” it makes for a fun night. How to play: Take a sip whenever Snooki whines; whenever Mike “the Situation” raises his shirt, macks on a girl, or works out; or whenever any of the cast fights, cries, or throws up. (You have the additional option of chugging a beer every time they go clubbing, although you may want to have SUA on standby…)

3)    Make anything out of the Paula Deen cookbook – You’ll be in such a butter and trans fat-induced coma that you’ll pass out at 9pm and be in for the night.

4)    Arts and crafts – Everyone loves a good arts and crafts session and if they insist that they don’t, they are lying. Some favorites include: pottery painting, picture frame molding, macaroni necklaces, popsicle stick houses, and weaving friendship bracelets. (Disclaimer: Unless you plan on inviting Ke$ha, I’d steer clear of glitter, lest you shimmer and shine for weeks to come).

5) Shitty movies and chocolate – One of my all-time favorites. You can do this in a group or fly solo for the night, but either way you’ll appreciate it. Pour yourself a glass of wine (or shotgun a Keystone), grab some chocolate (I find that Dove works best), and select the absolute most offensive, horrific, worst movie you can find. My personal recommendations: “Sorority Wars,” “Gigli,” “Sugarbabies,” “Pocket Ninjas,” “The Hillz,” “Fat Slags,” “Who’s Your Caddy,” or absolutely anything with Matthew McConaughey.

This came up as an ad on my Facebook profile:

I’m not sure what is worse: seeing what my child with Benicio DelToro would look like or the fact that I’d have to pay for this subscription. Reminds me of that scene in that god awful “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” movie when Kate Hudson shows Matthew McConaughey what their children wold look like.

Actually, I’d kind of like to see the subscription list so I know who to stay away from.

-Kate, Executive Web Editor.