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Here’s a doozy for ya. Someone has just taken the “fleshlight” to a whole other level. The Japanese just made masturbation for men (or women with a little creativity) a little more interesting.

The “Tenga Egg” is a silicone egg that has a tiny packet of lube inside; basically everything you need for a good time (only one use per egg though). There are different eggs with various types of lubricants. You peel the wrapper, take out the silicone egg, pull out the lube container and you’re ready to go! No refrigeration necessary.

-Alicia Aiello

Some chauvinist ass from (feel free to not click on the link as I’d really hate to drive traffic to this moron’s website) has this to say about some articles we wrote about female masturbation:

This is from a University, not some random shit hole on the internet. I guess this is reflective of what colleges are becoming- a joke.

Although meant to be an insult, I’ll take it as a compliment from someone who supports the author of “Men are Better than Women,” Dick Masterson. I’d love to believe this website is tongue-in-cheek, but I really don’t think it is.

The links to our amazing articles can be found here (yeah, we’re totally modest):

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Whatever, at least we piss off the right people.


“And when you think of masturbation, just think of Jesus.” I think we all know where this guy came from. (more…)