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A look from the collection

Earlier this month, a portion of Marc Jacobs Spring 2012 collection was reported stolen in London. Apparently, they were “burgled in the Mount Street area,” a very posh area in London. The police reported that there was approximately $63,528 worth of merchandise in the shipment. Considering this is the time when the collection would start being passed around for editorials and to celebrities, what will Marc Jacobs do without the garments?

Well according to the New York Times, the stolen shipment contained duplicates and that the original version shown on the runway still exists. Also, considering the large volume of the shipment, it is assumed that only a part of the collection was stolen because it would be worth much more.

Therefore, the day will be saved in time to allow the collection to be successful. This comes as a relief even though the company will have to spend the money on production all over again. Good thing they can afford it.

-Nadjma Sako

My first reaction was horror: not because Phoebe wouldn’t do incredible work at Louis Vuitton, because she would. But because I was unsure what this would mean for Céline. However, the current waves say her position at Louis Vuitton would be added to her current responsibilities at Céline.

Philo is a bit of a laid back designer. She is family-oriented, which is not the best way to describe the fashion industry. In the midst of her success at Chloé, she packed up and left to stay at home with her newborn child and her husband. Odd.


Since the beginning of his career, Kanye has made it a point to showcase a discourse of style through his personal appearances and music videos. Since 2008, he has made one of the most legitimate celebrity entrances into the fashion arena.

The most common error celebrities commit when considering a design career is the desire for another hyphen (e.g. actor-singer-fashion designer). They propagate the misconception that fashion is not a career that demands study and a particular skill set, not an industry full of vapid shallow individuals.

Kanye’s first formal step was to intern at Fendi under the tutelage of Karl Lagerfeld, which is obviously not where most begin, but definitely an incredible opportunity. From there, began his collaborations with Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton. Eventually, he released his popular sneaker, the Air Yeezy.


Naomi Campbell is infamous for assaulting various individuals with an array of mobile devices. But last week the supermodel turned activist was all up in the media for a more positive reason. Campbell successfully organized the Fashion for Relief charity catwalk show that went down on February 12th in Bryant Park to raise money for the reconstruction effort in Haiti.