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The Magic of Mardi Gras

Posted: February 25, 2009 by kmahern in Uncategorized
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Magic Hat Presents Mardi Gras in Syracuse

Magic Hat Presents Mardi Gras in Syracuse

Armory Square hosted the world’s smallest Mardi Gras parade this weekend…so I’m told. Due to poor organization skills on our part (i.e. finding a sober and willing driver), my friends and I unceremoniously arrived downtown at 3:25 p.m. to find that the “parade” had started, paraded itself through town with beads and merriment galore, and ended in (apparently) less than 25 minutes.

Unperturbed, we marched to the source of our excursion: the bars offering Magic Hat drink specials in honor of the last weekend to indulge (theoretically) before Lent. Since I plan to give up chocolate for the sixth year in a row and continue my debaucherous ways, I took the event as an excuse to hold a marathon taste testing of the Vermont brewery’s offerings.

Below are my four favorites from the afternoon – or, if we’re being honest, the first four I tasted and have halfway legible notes for. (more…)