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Barney Frank has announced that he is retiring from Congress after 30 years of service to the United States and its citizens. For those of you who are unaware as to who Barney Frank is, he is one of the most well-known and prominent openly gay Jewish elected officials in the United States. Seriously, this guy is like the living, breathing embodiment of everything liberal. Only thing he needs now is two lesbian mothers to flesh it all out. But not to worry, we’ve got this guy, so all is well.

Also, unlike most infamously closeted gay elected officials who tend to run on ‘family values’ such as Phil Hinkle, who allegedly offered an 18 year old a bribe consisting of an iPad, Blackberry and cash to keep quiet, Frank has never been shy or quiet about his own orientation and who he is as a person.


Girls, if this doesn't disgust you, you disgust me...

Girls, if this doesn't disgust you, you disgust me...

Apparently I’m not representing all females when I say Rush Limbaugh is truly a butthead. The “King” of conservative media recently announced he was conducting a poll of how to appeal to more women listeners on his radio show. After taking a couple of previous polls, it was discovered that only 37% of women dig El Rushbo (the Man’s nickname for himself).

Yes the number is small, but percentages are still percentages, and 37% of women DIG El Rushbo. So, for heaven’s sake–what’s the deal? WHY?!

After endless research and reading countless articles, editorials, and blogs, I still couldn’t come up with any reasons why any woman in her sane mind would like him. I also couldn’t find any previously written articles exploring this idea. All I could find are people babbling about why women do hate him (shocking, I know).

I eventually decided I didn’t have many options left, so I consulted with my spring break crew, my 19-year-old male cousin and 75-year-old grandparents. What are any possible reasons why women like good ol’ Rushy? (more…)