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Kitten heels. The words alone make me cringe. The thought of someone actually wearing them in public makes me want to projectile vomit.My (imaginary) best friend Lauren Conrad once said, “Kitten heels are the mullet of all shoes.” And no one enjoys a mullet. There’s no way you can make them cute, and the same goes for kittens.

I hate them with a fiery passion. I do not care how Audrey Hepburn-esque they are, they suck. They’re like a confused mixture of a good flat and a pair of chopped in half stiletto pumps. I don’t want to hear the excuse of heels hurt to walk in. Blah blah blah. Invest in a wedge for God’s sake and stop being so damn lazy. Anybody can walk in a wedge. Some can even make the argument that kitten heels are even harder to walk in because of the awkward wobbly sorry excuse for a heel. Seriously, take off the training wheels and suck it up.

There is never a good reason for a kitten heel, ever. I dare you to give me one. Unless you’re younger than 10 (ahem, Suri Cruise) or over 50 (which I still don’t approve), then you’re off the hook. Otherwise, refrain.

-Taylor Bryant

Lauren Conrad recently posed a question on her beauty site asking readers if she should leave the tie-dyed tips up to the “rebelling teens.” Sixty percent voted “Do It,” and the girl did it. Yes, the former reality star-turned-entrepreneur has dipped her locks into sweet shades of blue, pink and green. This isn’t the first time a celebrity’s slathered colored on her hair.


Back in 2007, it seemed the world stopped when Rachel McAdams walked the red carpet with pink highlights. And just last year, designers like Proenza Schouler and Zac Posen sent models down the runway with locks full of gorgeous hues. I guess all this hardly wows us now with Gaga on the radar—the “WTF” bar continues to rise to the next level.



Lauren Conrad in sailor costume

Yes, this girl should totally start a clothing line.

Apparently book publishers don’t look for significant, extensive fashion experience when deciding who should write fashion books. Well, at least that’s what it looks like considering Lauren Conrad will write Lauren Conrad Style for Harper Collins, the company announced this week. The blond reality star doesn’t exactly qualify as a fashion expert and her writing abilities are questionable (people wonder if LA Candy was ghostwritten), so how did she do it? Here’s what I’ve learned from Conrad on how to land a fashion book deal (without going through the Newhouse Fashion Communications Milestone):

1.Star in reality T.V. shows. Come on, we all know Conrad wouldn’t be as successful as she is today if she didn’t lust after Kristin’s Stephen on Laguna Beach. (more…)

Glued to the screen

Glued to the screen watching chaos ensue


It started with Jessica. Next was Ashlee. Then Kristin, Lauren, Whitney. Throw a little Britney and Kev into the mix and you had the sad uphill climb of television’s greatest trainwreck that America just could not. stop. watching: reality shows.

As the small screen’s lowest common denominator in terms of quality and creative thought, it’s easy for networks to pump out these shows in bulk and even easier for us to get totally and inexplicably sucked into them. But the most expensive, elaborate, deceptive yet mind-blowingly addictive reality show in history wasn’t just a mid-season replacement – it was a lifetime endeavor. Welcome to “The Truman Show.”