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As a girl who loves both fashion and reality television, I find Fashion Police on E!, just oh so entertaining!  I love seeing the couture gowns celebrities wear, and the commentary that goes along with them.   However, I constantly have to ask myself why the hell Kelly Osborne is a judge. I know she looks better than she did in her goth stage, but losing weight does not give her any credibility in judging what is hot and what is not. She looks like a train wreck half the time!  I’m also not even sure why Joan Rivers is the main host! Why is she even famous?  At least Joan provides entertainment with her inappropriate jokes, but that’s about it.  Giuliana Rancic is the only female on the show that actually makes sense. Pardon me for being shallow, but my God, the woman is gorgeous. She always wears the clothes, they never wear her. Aside from Rancic being the perfect fit for the show, it just wouldn’t be complete without George Kotsiopoulos. He just does the job; he has the proper credentials as a fashion consultant and stylist.  Not to mention, he does look snazzy in his classic suits and loafers.  But once again, Kelly Osborne?  Three words: kick her off!

– Lauren Levine