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Sustenance: How CNY Feed the Community” by Kelly Bucci

Around 11 a.m. every Wednesday, the concession window in the gymnasium at St. Lucy’s Food Pantry begins serving lunch. The line that snakes around the gym moves forward, but never seems to shrink. A woman tries controlling her rowdy child, two men chat loudly in Spanish, and an old man moseys through the doors toward his place at the back of the line. “Today’s not that bad—usually the line is all the way back there,” remarks Viola Girvin, a regular at the lunches, pointing to the very back of the gym. Clad in a gray sweatshirt with messy, short brown hair, she sits across the table from her brother and next to a small, fidgeting 3-year-old boy she’s babysitting for a friend. They come every Wednesday. “Families get together, friends get together,” she says. “It’s a good thing.”

Viola lives across the street from St. Lucy’s on the Southwest Side of Syracuse. She has lived here her entire life, and for the last seven years she’s received groceries from the church’s food pantry every month. “It’s a good place to get away,” Viola says. “To sit down, relax, and enjoy a meal.”

On this Wednesday, the pantry offers turkey, macaroni and cheese, goulash, and pea soup. Viola’s burly 27-year-old nephew, Byron, sits down with a plate filled by almost the entire menu and two loaves of bread. Local bakeries donated the loaves for St. Lucy’s to give out for free. It’s pretty much fresh, Byron says. He scored a large gourmet fruit and nut loaf, which doesn’t always happen.

Byron just moved back home after living with family members three-and-a-half hours north, on a Native American reservation. He went to school and worked at a casino. But his job went downhill and he became homeless, so he called his aunt to ask for a bus ticket home. He moved back into his dad’s house on the Southwest Side three months ago. “I’m trying to get back on my feet right now,” Byron says between bites. He says he recently landed a job at Victoria’s Secret.

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I’ll admit, I love everything about the Kardashian family. I think “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” is fantastic and I’m not afraid to admit my unhealthy obsession with Kim, Kourt, and Khlo. However, while I support Kim and all her business endeavors, recently she hasn’t been receiving much love from the fashion world.

A week ago Kim was accused of stealing the logo used for her fragrance from Houston based jewelry designer Korcula. Now, the Kardashian sisters are being slandered with accusations that they sent knock-off designs down the Bebe Fall 2010 runway.

Kim defends herself on her blog saying:

“The clothes you see in the chain stores at your mall are all inspired by designer, runway fashion!!! What stores like Bebe do is take runway fashion and use it as inspiration to create pieces that are wearable and accessible for everyone. To say any of our pieces are knockoffs is to say every item in your mall is a knockoff.” (more…)

While moseying my way around the world wide web, I stumbled upon a blog that had an interesting take on the spring 2010 couture shows. This particular blogger took a look at a few couture shows and saw one thing: pokemon.

The notion is pretty crazy, but after looking at the photos, I can almost see what he is talking about. The puffy pink ensemble on the Givenchy runway is a dead ringer for jigglypuff. This concept is absolutely farfetched. My guess is that it wasn’t the designers intention to send ninetails or jolteon down the runway–but this blogger’s vision definitely translates.

Check it out for yourself, what do you think?

~Kelly Bucci