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The days of scrunchies, headbands and flowers being the hottest hair accessory are a thing of the past. The latest hot thing to be donned in those luscious locks of yours are….feathers! Wait, what? Yeah.

This trend is reminiscent of the hair wraps that were all the rage when we were in middle school, except a whole lot dumber. Thanks to celebrities like Ke$ha and Hilary Duff, feathers have flown to the top of the trend fad list this summer. You can sport a hippie-bohemian look with natural looking feathers, or take a risk with neon-colored ones. Talk about edgy. 


For all of you anonymous alcoholics out there, not willing to attend group meetings yet, your day is about to get a whole lot better. Wine in a can. Alcoholic toothpaste. Vodka infused whip cream. And thatʼs only the start.

The past few years have brought on a wave of new alcoholic products, but not in a conventional form. Gone are the days of red wine in a glass bottle. Be on the lookout next time you go in your fridge to grab a can of soda, you may just be grabbing a can of wine by mistake. For around the same price as your Starbuckʼs latte, Barokes sells these peculiar servings of wine. While at a barbecue this summer, forget cans of soda and beer, keep it classy with a little red or white wine. (more…)

No lie, the only way I would willing listen to Kesha (yes, I refuse to use the infantile $ sign) more than once is to watch this video.

On a similar note, Star Wars: The Musical is playing this weekend (March 5, 2010) at Jazz Central here in downtown Syracuse. A few other Jerks and I went and saw it last weekend. We live tweeted. It was the most entertaining 2 hours of my entire life (other than that time I…nevermind) and possibly the only reason to use the Connective Corridor. Anyone who has seen the original trilogy would appreciate the homage to Georgie Boy.

Get your tickets here. They even let you drink inside the theater.

–Kate Holloway, Executive Web Editor

(thanks to geekgirldiva and the LA Times)