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This is the newly released music video for Katy Perry’s “The One That Got Away” off her Grammy-nominated hit album “Teenage Dream.” I’ve been keeping track of the men featured in Katy’s videos who meet an untimely death–there have been two so far. (See: “Thinking of You,” which is my all-time favorite.) This time it’s Mexican heartthrob, Diego Luna, that gets the honor. Because let’s face it: the only way Katy would lose a man is by way of his demise.

-Amber Brenza

What’s that? You didn’t know that the Kardashians also did music videos? Don’t worry, no one else did either. Back in the eighties, Kris Jenner (then Kris Kardashian) made a Rebecca Black-style music video dedicated to her friends on her thirtieth birthday. All I can really say about this, is who makes their friends a music video on their own birthday? And for that matter, who makes their friends a music video, period?

I have to give it to Kris though, aside from having a voice that might make even the deaf cringe, she does make an entertaining video. And by entertaining, I mean so bad that it’s actually entertaining. But wait just a minute. The Kardashian music video fad didn’t end in the 80s. Welcome to 2011: the year the Kardashians–all 100 of them–put together a family music video to Katy Perry’s “E.T.”

For all the ladies reading this, watch the video and tell me you don’t want to have Rob’s babies.

-Julia Fuino

As Americans, when something goes wrong in the world, everyone tends to only think about themselves and how they are affected.  Take Adele canceling her US tour on Tuesday for the second time this year.  Of course, Adele is personally doing this to ruin our lives.  Duh.

Obviously, that is not the case.  But it does seem a bit concerning that Adele has had to face show cancellations–something artists go to as their very last resort–more than once.  According to Billboard, “Adele’s doctors diagnosed her with a vocal cord hemorrhage, as she experienced earlier this year, and they have advised her that she will need an extended period of rest in order to fully recuperate.”


So I’m sure many of you have heard about Katy Perry’s nail polish collection with OPI. While you could imagine bright, bold colors and lots of glitter, black shatter is the exact opposite. Black Shatter isn’t exactly a shade, but more like a texturizing topcoat that creates the effect of shattering once dried on any shade of color. Depending upon what you prefer, a thinner coat will cause the black shatter to crack more, creating a leopard print type pattern while a heavier layer will create larger chunks of black. The four nail polish colors in Katy’s collection include Last Friday Night- metallic blue glitter, Teenage Dream- metallic baby pink, The One That Got Away- bright pinkish/red, and Not Like The Movies- shimmery silver. I don’t own any of her colors yet, but I’ve seen shatter on plenty of nails around campus and think it looks pretty awesome.

Katy Perry isn’t the only celeb with a cool, new OPI collection. Serena Williams’ Glam Slam collection is a sports-themed nail polish line that will debut new colors in conjunction with competitions like the Australian Open and Wimbledon. Williams’ yellow-vert color represents her sense of style and will definitely look dashing with Perry’s shatter top coat. Was that a purr I just heard?

— Jeanine Guzman

Dress Like A Katy Perry Lamp

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The Jerk bloggers are clearly obsessed with Katy Perry. Remember the light up dress she wore at the Met Ball last May? You should. I just found out that a remake of the dress is going to be available to the public. The wearer of the dress has the power to create a mesmerizing dynamic of colors just by using a tiny push button brain controller! The dress won’t be cheap, but hopefully in a couple of years, it will be affordable. Who knew fashion and technology could merge as one?

~Jeanine Guzman


Last week, Whack Ass Shit connoisseur Nicole told us about Katy Perry’s Sesame Street appearance, and the boobs that got her video kicked off the air. I have an update.

Russell Brand, Katy’s hubby-to-be and my least favorite Jesus doppelgänger, tweeted about the big ‘ol snub from Big Bird:

“Today’s ‘Sesame Street’ will NOT be brought to you by the number 34 or the letter D.”

Way to stand up for your lady, Russell. A teensy bit of chivalry, in 140 characters or less.

~Julia Fuino

Russell Brand – Bachelor #2

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Russell Brand


You look at this picture and you say, “Hey, that’s Russell Brand! He’s a guy who is not only marrying Katy Perry, but has also been known for his sexual escapades with stars such as Kate Moss and Holly Madison. Oh, and he got arrested last week.” I mean, good for them, but what the shit? I don’t know about any of you, but dating a Jesus-look-a-like is totally against my religion.

~Julia Fuino

Dear Katy Perry,

I do appreciate the time you took away from kissing girls and waking up in Vegas to make an appearance on my television program. I really did have a great time singing our rendition of “Hot and Cold.” I think the kids would enjoy it too, but we just can’t get past your boobs.

While I thought your Kermit the Frog green dress was appealing to your California girl figure, the producers felt that it showed too much of your sun-kissed skin. They worried that our viewers would not be able to handle your beauty and sex appeal. I can’t blame them; my face was even redder than usual while we ran around the set playing tag. Yes, you had some sheer fabric covering those luscious curves, but the stage lights let us see everything.

It is quite upsetting to me that this wardrobe malfunction means our song and music video will not be able to air on television. I thought we made a great duet, and I don’t mean just singing. You might be a little taller than me and a little less furry, but walking down Sesame Street with you by my side would make my teenage dream complete.

So, if you ever want to play dress up again — or maybe dress down please let me know. I love to be tickled.

Love, Elmo

~Nicole Fisher

"In a few years, holla at me Miley Cyrus."

"In a few years, holla at me Miley Cyrus."

Even though The Grammy’s were a couple of weeks ago, I can’t seem to forget about some of these outfits. Here are some of my faves and some fuglys…oh and Lady Gaga, who is in a category of her own.

Glee superstar Lea Michele, who also looked stunning at the SAG awards in a teal Malandrino gown, was my favorite on the Grammy’s red carpet. The navy Romona Keveza one-shoulder frock with full petal skirt was darling and made me proud to be a Gleek (don’t judge me).

As much as I hate to admit it, I actually liked Miley Cyrus’ Herve Leger long-sleeved mini-dress. It fit her perfectly and she rocked it. Good Miley, maybe all hope is not lost for you (but it most likely is). (more…)