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Uniqlo parted ways with German designer Jil Sander last week and is now making waves with experimental designer Jun Takahashi. The three-year collaboration with Jil Sander was a healthy, if not thriving, nuptial that birthed J+, Sander’s Uniqlo line, infused with her signature sleek and minimalist designs in form of suits, outerwear and T-shirts. At prices ranging from $20 for a tee to $150 for a parka, it’s the closest thing I can get to the real Jil Sander label.


So, I recently had a nasty callus on my right foot. Keyword: had. I wouldn’t write about this were that dried and cracked out callus still living sparingly on the ball of my right foot. Honestly, it’s not as bad as the pictures you see when you do a quick Google search, I swear. I’m disgusting—no, I was disgusting. It’s the summertime and I know damn well many of you, if not most, have this same issue, but are too embarrassed to admit it.

Have you been slathering lotion on that callus to no end? Not even Shea butter did it, right? Have you tried clipping away the thickening patch of ugliness with a nail clipper to no avail? Not even a scissor could get rid of that thing, right? It’s OK, I’ve been there. Strip away the embarrassment and callus with these simple steps and tips, and you’ll find your foot-fetish lover back on your toes soon enough! Products and tips Karen-tested, and Karen-approved.

It was the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week for swimwear in Miami this week, which means only one thing: skin.  Oh yes, the Miami heat upped the ante with cheek-bearing bottoms for men, putting the term “Speedo” to shame and an incentive to getting married in, get this, bridal bikinis. Do we really need that? Yes, yes we do. Thanks to Beach Bunny Swimwear for that cascading bow on my ass.

And an even bigger thank you to Sonia Vera—a hottie herself—for fulfilling every man’s dream on the beach by designing bikinis that show a lady’s apple bottoms. DSquared and Versace have designed uber tighty-whiteys for those who like to hang-three, uh I mean, hang-ten beach side surfers and tanners alike.

Lauren Conrad recently posed a question on her beauty site asking readers if she should leave the tie-dyed tips up to the “rebelling teens.” Sixty percent voted “Do It,” and the girl did it. Yes, the former reality star-turned-entrepreneur has dipped her locks into sweet shades of blue, pink and green. This isn’t the first time a celebrity’s slathered colored on her hair.


Back in 2007, it seemed the world stopped when Rachel McAdams walked the red carpet with pink highlights. And just last year, designers like Proenza Schouler and Zac Posen sent models down the runway with locks full of gorgeous hues. I guess all this hardly wows us now with Gaga on the radar—the “WTF” bar continues to rise to the next level.


Christian Dior showed at Paris Haute Couture Week this past Wednesday afternoon, and John Galliano was nowhere in sight. Galliano, former creative director, was fired by Dior after 14 years for his anti-Semitic remarks, caught on video, in a Paris bar. Bill Gaytten, who’s been on the design team at Dior for 23 years and is head of the label’s studio, was the man who took a bow at the end of the show, along with his assistant, Susan Venegas. The collection was complete with blue giraffe prints, zebra stripes, layers upon layers of chiffon, square-shaped sequins, and all things Easter-colored. It was one of the most incoherent haute couture collections I’ve seen.

But I’m not saying cohesion should be as literal as Alexandre Vauthier’s haute couture collection, which used only two shades of red. With the exception of one ivory dress complete with what looks like a football player’s shoulder pad, but bedazzled with fine silver and gems, Vauthier’s collection featured monochromatic looks in red. At least the ladies look à la femme fatale.


For the fortunate ones who have a job and/or internship this summer, I know that unless you’re working in Greenland, your fall staples are packed away with Not My Parent’s Garage (and how vomit worthy were their free t-shirts?). I also know that your deodorant just isn’t cutting it. Lucky for you–and the rest of the world–I’ve consolidated my summer fashion tips for a sweat-free chic attire. Moral of the story: pay attention to fabric choice!

Boys: Keep fit, stay light

In fashion history, linen was worn by Egyptian slaves and elites alike under the scorching sun. They manipulated the white sheet of fabric with a few drapes here and there to create a stunning ensemble while still staying cool. Keep an eye out for light colors and try your best not to fall into the typical navy suit with black leather loafers. Avoid thermal or knitted tops and wool or tweed bottoms—trust me I’ve seen it happen. Don’t get too fancy with vests. But balls out with a good ol’ pocket hanky!









[[UPDATE: Since publication of this article, Benjamin Lin has decided to remove the video of the incident from YouTube out of respect for all those who appear in it. Excerpts from the video can be read below. Lin has since been in full cooperation with the Department of Public Safety. According to Lin, the situation has now been settled with Judicial Affairs.] ]

Hard to believe racism still exists, isn’t it? Well, actually, no. On the night of June 23, SU alum Benjamin Lin recorded a video of his neighbors on Walnut Avenue yelling racial slurs and chucking an unidentified object at the camera. The ill-informed delinquent you see in the video is making racial remarks, including but not limited to, “Hello Kitty! Hello Kitty!” and “Math, math, math!”

It comes as no surprise that he describes Asians and/or Asian Americans as “f*****s,” “m***********g fish,” and “ninjas.” He also thinks Asian males have “short dicks”—clearly, he hasn’t broadened his horizons as of late. This fine gentleman goes on to say Asian and/or Asian Americans get no respect in the United States. Well dear God, no kidding! And to think I haven’t learned enough during the 21 years I’ve lived on this perfect Earth. Here’s what he had to say about my friend who taped this:


"Magdalene and the Flame" - Georges de la Tour

Renowned still-life photographer Peter Lippmann has collaborated with Christian Louboutin, once again, creating near-replicas of classic portraits. For his Fall/Winter 2011/2012 collection campaign, the signature red soles are seamlessly woven into classic 15th and 17th century paintings, paying homage with contemporary shoe-gasms.

The work is nothing new for the iconic duo—both collaborated for Louboutin’s Fall/Winter 2009/2010 advertising campaign—they seem to always successfully recreate and reinterpret art and fashion in new angles. Each portrait represents the grace of a woman and retrospectively defines today’s real woman; the contemplative one, the free-spirited one, the youthful one, the elderly one. The overall artwork scratches beneath the surface of what makes a woman by her gaze: her environment. Oh, and I guess those Loubs can make a woman, too.

Hit the jump for a look at the Peter Lippmann x Christian Louboutin advertising campaign:


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