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Justin Bieber’s twitter received quite a bit of attention after he revealed that some of his personal footage was stolen. Come to find out, the whole thing was a publicity stunt for his new music video with Nicki Minaj, called “Beauty and the Beat.”

If you’re in class and can’t listen, I’ll give you a play-by-play. The video starts off in ridiculous fashion, that being, at a water park. Aside from Nicki’s pom pom boob look, there’s a shout out to Selena Gomez, crazy hair, and some interesting choreography. There are synchronized swimmers and most likely the whole cast of Cirque du Soleil just doing their thing, fawning over the teeny-bopper in his custom made sneakers, and making the video exactly what it is: strange.

It is indeed a bizarre Bieber world, yet I still somehow manage to listen to the entire song. Did I mention that “Boyfriend” was my guilty pleasure over this past summer?

Anyway, when you get the chance, check out the video and let me know what you think.

– Sophia Kim

Pop/R&B star Justin Bieber has won upwards of 40 awards for his accomplishments as a singer, including: eight Teen Choice Awards, two Kids’ Choice Awards, two MTV Video Music Awards and three American Music Awards. Although already established as every 13-year-old girl’s idol, Bieber is clearly not content and has decided to try his luck at rapping. On Nov. 2, Bieber appeared on L.A. radio station Power 106 to show America his rhyming skills in a freestyle over Kanye West’s and Jay-Z’s “Watch the Throne” hit “Otis.”

Surprisingly, this is not the first time Bieber has shown interest in rapping. Ever since his release of “Baby,” these types of videos have been floating around the web. Bieber has even been featured as a rapper on Chris Brown’s latest mixtape, “Boy in Detention,” in the “Look At Me Now” sample-inspired track “Ladies Love Me.” Shawty Mane, Bieber’s rap alter ego, even released a music video via Twitter called “Speaking in Tongues” about a year ago.

Perhaps, it was the Ludacris verse on Bieber’s hit “Baby” that inspired the Canadian-born vocalist to test his abilities in the Hip-Hop realm. Or, maybe this freestyle was just a publicity stunt so that Bieber could have something in the news other than his baby mama drama and influence people to purchase his new holiday album, “Under the Mistletoe.” Either way, this freestyle is sure to make Bieber critics more skeptical of the teen’s abilities and Bieber fans more enthusiastic about his talent.

-A.J. Allen

If I was still a middle school child and admired pop stars, this week I would have learned that smoking cigarettes and getting tattoos are acceptable things to do. I love America! Not only did Justin Bieber show off his “religious” Hebrew tattoo, he also posed topless with his incredibly creepy looking father who adorned a matching one. Awkward and inappropriate? Check and check. If you want a tattoo, more power to you Justin, but showing it off to all the little girls in the world probably won’t help your record sales. I guarantee their mothers don’t appreciate your support for teen tats.

Bieber Takedown

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Justin Bieber appeared in the streets of New York City last Thursday to present his new fragrance, “Someday,” at Macy’s.  As expected, the crowd went a little nuts even after the teen heartthrob left the scene to sign autographs.  So nuts, in fact, that an undercover cop in the crowd decided to jump in front of the gates in an attempt to protect Bieber.  Well, things didn’t go quite as planned.

Bieber’s security guards mistook the undercover officer for a crazed fan and restrained him.  According to, the security guard was charged with disorderly conduct, but no one was seriously injured. There are two things we can take away from this story.  First, don’t try to do your job out of uniform when someone else is already doing it in uniform.  Second, we can be thankful that no one was injured, especially Justin Bieber.  Shit could get really bad if his beautiful brown locks got ruined!

-Mike Thal

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This video is pretty flipping hilarious. Have a couple laughs before class. Who am I kidding? No one goes to class anymore! Happy Thursday, everyone.

~ Julia Fuino


What’s With Justin Bieber?

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I must be the only one left in the world who doesn’t know why Justin Bieber is such a big deal. My friends who have graduated are obsessed, the twitter world is obsessed (every minute there are about 285 mentions of him on Twitter — yes, I timed it), and he’s all over the radio and BET (the latter confuses me).

So let’s examine his fine qualities. He is a 16-year-old singer from –ehem– Canada, and he sounds like a girl. *Editor’s note: Bieber is also apparently a moron, as he does not know what the word “German” means. See video below.*

When I first heard one of his songs on the radio, it felt like my ears were bleeding. I seriously thought he was a little girl. This made me wonder what is really going on here. If I thought it was a girl, then I’m thinking others thought he was a girl too. And he’s singing about girls…so basically it’s girl-on-girl action.

And then I begin to wonder…what is his voice going to sound like when he hits puberty full on? I hope he sounds horrible. I know that’s harsh, but he’s getting so much money now that I think his bank account can handle a hit like that.

With all that aside, I am open to your explanations of why he’s so “hot” (please read in a valley girl voice). And despite all of my negativity toward him, I do wish him the best of luck….I guess. I wish I were famous too.

Justin Bieber and being Gay[via The Internet is Terrible]

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It feels like just yesterday I received my first invitation to be a zombie. What started with zombies multiplied into vampires, the mafia and (what I believe to be the most terrifying of all) a fish tank. In defense the few remaining humans in this monster-mobster driven world made witty statuses protested incoming requests. That is where it should have ended.

Every time you like something does not make you a Fan of it.  Sure, be a Fan of Dinosaur BBQ. But, let’s be honest: do you really need to publicly declare yourself a Facebook Fan of “You should be thanking me everyday I haven’t punched you in the face yet?”

Again, good to know how you’re feeling, but I don’t care. By the way, if you agree with me you should so totally become a Fan of “I’m not in a bad mood, you just annoy me.”

Here is a beginners guide about what is and is not acceptable to publicly be a fan of. (more…)