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One year and 90 lashes too many. Most people would agree that different cultural beliefs and customs should be respected. That is, within certain parameters. When it begins to infringe upon a person or group’s rights as a human being that’s a whole other story.

Generally, I try to keep an open mind when reading about other countries’ policies and laws, but it becomes impossible to do so when it comes to cases such as that of Marzieh Vafamehr. Vafamehr is an Iranian actress who played the lead in the 2009 Australian film “My Tehran for Sale.”

She was just sentenced to one year in jail and 90 lashes by an Iranian court, after her arrest in July. The official charges are allegations of her participation “in a film whose shooting did not have the required permits.” Both the film’s director and Vafamehr’s husband have called bullshit on those charges, saying they’re completely baseless. I absolutely agree, especially since the director has since provided all “missing” documentation to the court.


Some nights, as I sit all cozy in my dorm room, I pretend I’m a killer.

No, really. always make sure that I am in front of my television when TruTV’s Forensic Files is on. As I follow the story of how murderers are hunted down, caught, and brought to justice, I imagine how much that must suck to be that killer. Aside from that, it’s so interesting to see how forensic scientists use their fancy equipment and simple footprints, hairs, and paint chips to solve a mystery. (more…)