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On Chelsea Lately this week, Chelsea interviewed Taylor Momsen: the “angry”, used-to-be good, but now self-proclaimed “bad ass.” I’m just going to vent real quick. Dear Taylor Momsen, there is a reason why you were kicked off of Gossip Girl, as well as for why people don’t like you. You’re angry and bitter about your parents throwing you into the acting business as a kid, so you act out and flash your tits at seventeen years old, chain-smoke, and wear eye make-up that makes you look like road kill. It wouldn’t surprise me if you and Kristen Stewart were best friends. Neither one of you knows how to be pleasant.

On the show, Taylor talked about her new album for her band: “The Pretty Reckless”, called: “Light Me Up.” Classy, right? Wrong. The cover features a child in a leather jacket holding up a lighter.  She talks on the show about how she wanted the kid to actually be lighting up her cigarette, but everyone was completely opposed to the idea, as they should be. Taylor seemed to be confused as to why they were questioning her idea, which doesn’t surprise me in the least bit. I’m not going to lie. I probably would have given the album a listen if it weren’t for seeing the cover. I think it’s completely inappropriate. I mean, it’s one thing to be a “bad-ass”, but there is such a thing as responsibility. She was on Gossip Girl, a show that targets teenage girls. They’re obviously familiar with Momsen’s character from when she was actually on the show, so they should also be familiar with her band’s new album. What a role model… The part that kills me is that Chelsea told Momsen she was “sweet.” Dear Chelsea, I love you and all… but I think you’ve been smoking a bit too much. If you’re into bad role models, you can give the album a listen. I won’t discredit her music. Apparently some of it is actually good, but that’s not to say the girl doesn’t need church. She should be a regular.

-Julie Fuino