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Posted: October 2, 2012 by jerkmagblog in WATCH -- TV
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Saturday night, Joseph Gordon-Levitt hosted SNL. As usual, he was charming and entertaining, but there was one issue: he wasn’t funny. No, JGL isn’t a comedian, but his appearance on SNL confirmed something I’d long suspected. With each passing season, SNL becomes less and less funny.

From the cold opening to the odd sketch with Keenan Thompson as a hip-hop star turned fashion expert, I quickly found myself questioning the direction of the show. There are new cast members this season and to some degree, I expected them to revitalize the series, but that was clearly a wasted dream. Seth Meyer’s “Weekend Update” still remains the best part of SNL, but no matter how great that segment is, it’s not enough to keep the show afloat.

I don’t want to say that there’s no hope for this show, but when JGL’s appearance failed to amuse the audience and there was nothing to redeem the episode, I don’t know if anything else can be said. I know why I originally tuned in, but when that wasn’t enough, the cast of SNL should have been enough to keep me laughing and engaged. Unfortunately for all of us, they weren’t. If this trend continues, SNL will soon fall by the wayside like so many comedy shows of the not-so-distant past.

-Tenaysia Fox

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen star in “50/50” as best friends dealing with Gordon-Levitt’s character’s cancer diagnosis. The film is based on a true story, which makes it even sadder.  Seth Rogen is great and has some definite quoteable lines. Gordon-Levitt is flawless and is so cute even with his little bald head. He really makes you feel for his pain. Also the clear standout star of the film is his dog, Skeletor. I mean, who would not love that face?

The plot is pretty predictable, but still holds your attention. You really feel for Gordon-Levitt’s character because he has a whore for girlfriend, a neurotic mother and well, obviously, he has cancer.

I want to put a warning on this movie, though, because I pretty much cried throughout the whole thing and after asking my friends, the average was about 30 minutes of constant tears. I don’t want to spoil the ending, but it definitely is a tearjerker and overall is a great film. If you’re looking for a good cry, go see “50/50.”

-Becca Spector

Well, maybe not. But he can take a pretty good turn with “Bad Romance.” In my head, Joe replaced John Krasinski as the skinny, geekish guy I wish I could jump. (Since John had to be all “mature” and settle down with Emily Blunt.) But maybe Joe Gordon would rather sub in as Gaga’s male counterpart. He’ll need a meat tuxedo.

Anybody know what he’s saying in French? Those aren’t the Gaga lines, and ‘learn French’ hasn’t yet been crossed off my bucket list.

~Meg Martin, blog editor