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Winter brought bitterly cold winds and mounds of unpleasant snow. Flash forward five months and it is now April. After weeks of uncertain weather, my Swackett (Mac weather app) informed me that this week had the most potential of acting “Spring-like.” I prepped my Sperrys and light cardigans as I dreamed of sultry Syracuse days.

As I approached Schine on Tuesday afternoon, I saw the ominous and foreboding clouds closing in upon our campus. After securing a quiet spot at Jabberwocky Cafe, I was immediately alerted of the #SUMonsoon that had just occurred after coming indoors. Twitter and Facebook became instant hot spots for all the latest updates and pics of brown water rushing down streets and turning Bird Library’s steps into waterfalls.  Just when I thought Mother Nature had relinquished us of wild weather, we were bombarded by #Syrapacolypse.

The torrents of falling rain and streams of eery brown water caught us all by surprise. However, the real victim of #SUMonsoon 2011 was not your locks of luscious hair or essay assignment due that afternoon. It was your clothing. Soaked Sperrys, check. Drenched backpack or book bag, check. Wet t-shirt contest for all, check. Rain sucks.

Here’s the good news: there are ways to prepare yourself before the next #SUMonsoon strikes. Make sure you have these couple of items handy the next time you see the rain in the forecast. (more…)

Peeps lovers unite! Traditionally speaking, Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. However, this typically religious holiday has also become a day to celebrate none other than…Peeps! Whether green, blue, pink, or classic yellow, America loves its crystallized birdies. This year, don’t just enjoy Peeps the standard way, take your Peeps to new heights. As the title of this post reads, there is such a thing as Peeps sushi, better known as, “Peepshi.” It doesn’t end there. Peeps can also be featured on your pizza or as the garnish to your cocktails; the options are endless.

Peepshi is an easy recipe that anyone could easily throw together this holiday weekend. Fruit Roll-Ups, Rice Krispy Treats and Peeps are the only ingredients you will need. Thinly slice your peeps and place on top of a Rice Krispy bar. Roll up the bar and finish by wrapping in a Fruit Roll-Up, which is comparable to using seaweed with fish sushi. This sweet Easter treat can be altered to include any of your personal favorite candies. Gummy bears, Twizzlers, Sour Patch Kids, or even M&Ms!

When you receive your annual Easter basket this year and find a box of Peeps awaiting you, don’t simply devour them on the spot. Consider all of the crazy, different and fun ways you can enjoy those colorful chirpers. Before utilizing the precious Peeps, be sure to check out this list of Peeps requirements from


Plaid eggs, bunny cookies and edible paper; it must be Easter! Personally, no one knows how to do Easter better than the Queen of Craft herself, Martha Stewart. Step into Martha’s Enchanted Garden Party and hop into the Easter spirit!

With finals looming, group projects due and stress mounting, we’ve forgotten that spring’s biggest event is right around the corner. Look beyond the pearls, haggard appearance and accusations of embezzlement, and a Stewart-inspired Easter may be just what you need to refresh yourself before cramming for finals. (more…)

Nagging mother, orange reusable shopping bag, and a camera. It must be a prospective student. Over the past three weeks, our treks across campus have been bombarded by high school seniors with out-of-control acne and a ridiculously low alcohol tolerance.

 As a residence hall tour guide, I have numerous inactions with these doe-eyed and eager youth. I am particularly fond of the parent carrying a fanny pack and S.U. Bookstore shopping bag, who insists on asking all of the questions on behalf of their student. It’s comedic. Watching as the parents reassure their child that “this is a nice dorm” because “it’s larger than mine was when I was in college” or a student role their eyes as their parent’s inquires about S.U.’s party scene, is priceless. Free entertainment, provided twice-a-week for anyone who serves as a campus or residence hall tour guide. (more…)

You’re right, it’s not just a celebration of your birth, it’s a freaking holiday! Whether your birthday is today or a year from yesterday, the planning for your big day must begin NOW! Every second you waste could have been a second utilized to book the party stripper or exotic feline.

There are two ways to approach planning a birthday celebration. Option one involves you taking the reins and ensuring that your birthday will never, ever be forgotten. Option two is trusting a friend with the responsibility of making sure your day goes down in history.

While both options have equal potential, there is something to be said for planning your own shindig. With thoughts of narcissism out of mind, you guarantee that everything is just the way you want it when you make all the important decisions. You get the extra-decadent cake you want, you get the cocktails you want, you get the friends you want to attend. These are just some of the pros of planning your party.

If you decide to defer responsibility to a friend, make sure they’re a good friend. The classmate you met in Writing 205 last week is probably not the finest choice. You want someone who knows you inside and out and who will plan things that never would have crossed your mind. Everybody has this friend, it’s just a question of whether they’re willing to step up to the plate. A healthy bribe is always a good way to get someone moving.

Now that the party planner has been chosen, it’s time to ensure that a few birthday necessities are picked up. A great college birthday would not be complete without: (more…)

For all of you anonymous alcoholics out there, not willing to attend group meetings yet, your day is about to get a whole lot better. Wine in a can. Alcoholic toothpaste. Vodka infused whip cream. And thatʼs only the start.

The past few years have brought on a wave of new alcoholic products, but not in a conventional form. Gone are the days of red wine in a glass bottle. Be on the lookout next time you go in your fridge to grab a can of soda, you may just be grabbing a can of wine by mistake. For around the same price as your Starbuckʼs latte, Barokes sells these peculiar servings of wine. While at a barbecue this summer, forget cans of soda and beer, keep it classy with a little red or white wine. (more…)

ID Card? Check. Blackberry? Check. Flask? …you betcha. Dignity? No where to be found.

A night out isn’t complete without the accompaniment of a friendly flask. There’s no need to wonder where the keg is when you have your own special blend waiting for your liver to sort out.

Flasks are quickly becoming a necessary accessory for anyone who is headed out to a party. While concerning yourself over what top or pair of shoes will accompany your outfit the best, don’t forget to figure in your flask as well. C’mon now, it obviously needs to match your outfit.

Flasks range in size, shape and appearance. Some people choose to sport a flask with a pattern, some choose to keep it simple with a solid color, and others choose one of the bedazzled sort. And when you whip that flask out of your garter, clutch, or pocket, know that everyone will be wondering what’s on it. Your flask does say something about you; it’s like the Sillybandz we once wore, lame Bandz, lame person. Before heading out with your Spongebob flask this weekend, find out what your flask says about you. (more…)

Glasses up!

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While many celebrated on behalf of Relay for Life with kegs this weekend, beer may not be your thing. Perhaps a classy night-in with your friends sounds more appealing. And what better way to honor Relay then with a menu full of purple cocktails and food! Here’s to partying with a purpose! (more…)

For those of us that classify ourselves as “gullible,” April Fool’s Day has the potential to be one of the most infuriating and frustrating days of the year. Half the day is spent acting as Nancy Drew, searching for missing belongings in unsuspecting places. For all of you April Fool’s prank creators, perhaps this video will serve as inspiration. And for those of us who will be pranked, perhaps this video will help you to keep other jokes and pranks in perspective.

Good luck, my gullible friends, and keep your designer clothes hidden, health and beauty products stowed away, and have your eyes and ears open all day and night this Friday, April 1! If and when you are pranked, remember to react in the most visceral way possible. After all, it’s the moment when the picture catches you screaming in horror that you will be able to look back on and enjoy forever!

-Jon Gregalis

You exit your Newhouse class as your stomach begins to rumble. You have about fifteen minutes until your next class and is just around the corner. It’s lunch time. On the menu: a famous wrap.

The alluring variety of wraps causes many hungry students’ stomachs to flip in delight. Then there is always that sense of disappointment in finishing today’s wrap, knowing that the next one will not come until you return again to

But wait. The final bite of that scrumptious chicken and basil pesto wrap doesn’t have to come! That final bite doesn’t ever have to take place if you just knew how to make all of the wraps yourself. Hunger solved.

The southwestern chicken and chicken and basil pesto wraps are two of my personal favorites. However, if your tummy craves a wrap of a different variety, don’t hesitate to ask me for the recipe! (more…)