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Keeley Hazell from Page 3

Made you look! Keeley Hazell from Page 3

I meant to spend some time this semester studying the British press coverage of the US elections in order to, y’know, learn something about my own country or some shit. It’s a pretty big deal here. The Guardian even has a two-page spread about the election every day. But I got sidetracked. It really doesn’t matter how the UK covers the US election. The Brits can’t vote, though they’re happy to say how they would. There are more relevant lessons for a media student…

I picked up on a few key differences between us, but if I’ve learned one thing in my studies, it’s that my print-journalism education is approximately fucking worthless in this country. You know why? Seven glorious words: Bare Tits On Page Three Every Day

With Barack Obama narrowing in on the Democratic presidential nomination, in recent days both he and John McCain have switched their campaign strategies from primary to all-out general election mode. In 2004, this meant a lot of talk about partisan, red-herring issues like gay marriage and abortion rights. This time around, though, the opening round of debate has focused primarily on foreign policy, something that is actually crucial to a president’s job description.

It’s an encouraging sign for American politics, and I’m hopeful the majority of people can handle such a weighty topic. But the more I hear McCain’s delusional, neoconservative rhetoric — all of which seem to have been pulled, unrevised, from an outdated and misguided Cold War playbook — the more I fear what could come if this senile, ill-tempered kook is elected into office.