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Jerk Does Carnivale di Venezia

Posted: February 18, 2009 by Jessie Assimon in Uncategorized
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I’ll just make a generalized statement and say that every kid dreams of chucking confetti in their parent’s face while dressed up as a lion. The dream is even better if your parent is dressed as the lion. I realized that might have been my childhood dream if I knew that was possible and if you’re a kid growing up near Venice, Italy, this dream is a reality during Carnivale.

Forget Sasquatch...I found Cat People in Venice!

Forget Sasquatch...I found Cat People in Venice!

When my friend, Jeff, studying abroad in the Florence, Italy program, invited me to Carnivale in Venice I had no clue what Carnivale was. Jeff said it was “the biggest party in the world,” and within an hour I had my flight from London to Venice booked. (more…)