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Yes, it’s true. Snooks is an author. Formally known as Nicole Polizzi, star of MTV’s “Jersey Shore,” has translated her guidette lifestyle into a book. The GTL glamorous lifestyle has actually turned into a New York Times bestseller. What are the odds?

Gia and her cousin, Bella, each find a ripped, yummy juicehead to hook up with, but with rivals, frenemies and grenades in the mix, can the two cousins stay close or will the trivialities of the GTL lifestyle tear them apart?

“A Shore Thing” tells the story of two girls looking for summer fun Jersey style: guidos, clubbing and glowing tans. The main character, Giovanna “Gia” Spumanti, is physically indistinguishable from the real-life Snooki, and her best friend Isabella “Bella,” “Bells” or “Hell’s Bells” Rizzoli sounds just like JWoww, another “Jersey Shore” star.  


MTV announced last week that Rob Dyrdek’s new TV venture, “Ridiculousness,” has been renewed for a second season. Surprisingly, the show inspired by “Tosh.0”  averages 1.9 million viewers. For those of you have not tuned into MTV to see the show, Rob finds crazy viral videos and basically rips on them with his panel. His panel includes co-hosts Sterling “Steelo” Brim and Chanel West Coast (“Fantasy Factory” receptionist). There are also guest hosts like Big Black and Johnny Knoxville to add to the show’s craziness.

“Ridiculousness” is shot in front of a live studio audience, which really allows Rob to go crazy. He brings the same spunk and humor that he did to “Rob and Big” and to “Fantasy Factory.” As a result, the series has actually become MTV’s second highest rated show right behind “Jersey Shore.”

I give credit to the show because it doesn’t replay the same viral videos you have seen everywhere, but rather finds new and different ones that are hysterical. I am happy with MTV’s decision and hope Rob’s creativity continues into next season.

-Becca Spector

Newlyweds Pt. II?

Nick Lachey and fiance Vanessa Minnillo, after careful thought and reasoning, have decided against a TLC reality show on their married lives together. Instead, they both agreed on having the ceremony itself televised, and stopping after that. “I would never want to put ourselves through a reality show again,” says Lachey, “This is a different process: There’s a beginning, an end, and then it’s over, it’s done.”

‘Jersey Shore’ Says Goodbye To Vinny

According to reports, the “Jersey Shore” star is calling it quits after an argument with an unnamed cast member. He has since packed his bags, headed home to Staten Island and, apparently, has no intentions of coming back. MTV has made no comment, but rather suggests that all questions will be answered by season five.


If I ever came home with a tattoo, I’m sure my parents would disown me. My folks have always strongly disliked the interesting art form that is tattoo design. And although I’ve pondered getting one (not sure what I would even get), I think for now I’ll just stick with a good old airbrush. They’re fun and fulfill the longing that some of us have for a real one. When I’m at the Jersey Shore boardwalk during the sunny summer months, I usually become tempted to get a little seahorse on my ankle or a random Chinese word on my back shoulder. Airbrush is definitely the way to go if you’re iffy about getting a permanent one (like me).

Temporary tattoos actually go back way further than many people think. People in Africa, the Middle East, and India have been using henna tattoos to decorate their hands, feet, and faces in celebration or in mourning for centuries. They were believed to increase beauty while making a personal statement. But, before you get henna, definitely find out what it means first! Each temporary henna tattoo design means something different to the people who traditionally used them. Since I can’t think of a tattoo design that would express who I am, I don’t think I’ll ever “get it just to get it”. Tattoos can definitely be meaningful if they’re representative of who you are or what you believe. My parents won’t be disowning me anytime soon for getting some ink, but I think the “tattoo taboo” mentality they have has got to change.

–Jeanine Guzman

Ever watched an episode of Jersey Shore? We all have, don’t deny it. Well, you have just joined Anderson Cooper’s exclusive Ridiculist Club. Last week during a broadcast of AC360°, Cooper went on a rampage against anyone and everyone who has ever paid Snooki to do anything. That includes breathing.

Two weeks ago it was announced that the entire cast of Jersey Shore would now be paid $100,000 per episode. According to Cooper, we are all at fault for this deplorable fact. “If you listen closely, you can hear school teachers around the country weeping right now,” he laments. Shame on us!

While I’m not quite ready to take the blame for Snooki’s pay raise, I am willing to bear some of the brunt for the stupidity of my state (yes, I’m a Jersey girl). It recently came to light that Rutgers, New Jersey’s largest university, will be paying Snooki a whopping $32,000 to speak about the struggles of keeping up the GTL lifestyle, presumably.

Now, universities pay celebrities big bucks to come speak at their schools all the time, so what makes this story such a big deal? Well, the problem here is that Rutgers is also paying Nobel Laureate Toni Morrison to speak at their Commencement in May. However, they are paying her $2000 less than the amount Snooki is receiving.

Cooper rightfully launched an attack against Rutgers in response to this inexcusable insult against Morrison, comparing a quote from The Bluest Eye to a quote from Snooki’s book—if that what’s they’re calling it—A Shore Thing. It’s one thing for youth culture to put Snooki on a pedestal, but it’s an entirely different thing for an institute of higher education to do the same. That is an unforgivably damning message to send to students: one of utter defeat.

Watch Cooper’s attack after the jump:


Fist pump? Check. Super dark spray tan? Got it! Now all you need to be Jersey Shore ready is a hot new accessory from Sammi Sweetheart’s new line of costume jewelry. The line is in collaboration with the brand Rich Rocks, which features fashion forward jewelry that appeals to women of all ages. Sammi’s line consists of a heart pendant necklace, crystal rings/bracelets, oversized hoops (her trademark, duh), and pave heart earrings. Here’s a quick tip: Layer on Rich Rocks with fine jewelry you already own to complement a hot clubbin’ outfit.

The prices aren’t too bad– ranging from $15 for the crystal bracelets that are meant for layering to the pendant heart necklace that costs $45. Sammi admits that she wanted to keep the line affordable for her fans so that they could keep adding to their collection if they desired. This sweetheart isn’t the only Jersey Shore cast member using their newfound fame to create cool merch. Snooki’s slippers include standard happy feet, animal feet, and signature slippers. Designs range from leopard print to pink and white to alligator. With Sammi’s oversized hoops and Snooki’s comfy slippers, you’ll officially be ready for a day at the Jersey Shore.

-Jeanine Guzman



TV Fanatic


Snooki makes it clear: “It was like trying to stick a watermelon through a pinhole.” Hide your children, she’s talking about the one, the only: Vinny Guadagnino’s penis.

Playgirl offered this hung hunk a whopping 30,000 dollars to pose nude for the magazine, and get a wax mold of his junk for a nationally sold sex toy.

When asked how he initially felt about the offer, Vinny respectfully responded: “Nah, I got my mom.” Isn’t. That. Adorable? Mama Guadagnino wouldn’t be too pleased to find a replica of her son’s genitalia or his naked body in a magazine.

Moral of the story: when in doubt, do the unthinkable. Hook up with a gremlin. You may or may not become an expensive sex toy.

If Vinny does end up turning down the offer, you can still have fun! Playgirl owns Clone-A-Willy, which fellow blogger Jessica mentioned last week. Watch the video on her post; even without Vinny, you can take comfort in a waxy replica of your boyfriend’s business.

~Julia Fuino


“Jersey Shore” is MTV’s highest rated television program in eight years. It follows the lives of Guidos and Guidettes doing what they do best: partying and fist pumping all night long. But don’t let the portrayed mindlessness fool you: “Jersey Shore” proves to be highly educational.

Had it not been for Snooki, the Princess of Poughkeepsie, with the skin of a jack-o’-lantern, you would never have been able to “smush” with your boyfriend.

And if not for the GTL dictionary, we wouldn’t have a reclassification of ‘the ugly friend’: Grenade (n.), as in “Pauly D. was with the grenade …When you go into battle, you need to have some friends with you, so that just in case a grenade gets thrown at you, one of your buddies takes it first.”

“Jersey Shore,” insightful programming, only on PBS. (Paid for by viewers like you.)
~Julia Fuino

A brand spanking new poll conducted by CNN reveals what most educated people already know: a majority of Americans don’t trust their government. These numbers are mostly for Independents (63%) and those ChristoFascist hypocritical scum lizards we call “Republicans” (70%).

What is disturbing about this study is that fear of government has been around for centuries (that is what our constitution was all about, right?), but the fact that our country is more concerned about American Idol, Jersey Shore and vapid, brain dead excuses for entertainment.  54% of Americans turn out to vote, and that number is only when the Presidential and Congressional elections are in the same bloody year. America has a lower voter turn out than Russia for chrissake! Where is our country going? The stupidity of Americans is what disturbs me. (more…)