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Some nights, as I sit all cozy in my dorm room, I pretend I’m a killer.

No, really. always make sure that I am in front of my television when TruTV’s Forensic Files is on. As I follow the story of how murderers are hunted down, caught, and brought to justice, I imagine how much that must suck to be that killer. Aside from that, it’s so interesting to see how forensic scientists use their fancy equipment and simple footprints, hairs, and paint chips to solve a mystery. (more…)

Okay, so I couldn’t resist the silly pun in the title. But really, the unfortunately popular MTV show The Hills is back, without Lauren Conrad (I sometimes still call her LC) instead includes Kristin Cavallari. Season 6 premiered this past Tuesday at 10 p.m., but don’t worry if you missed it – MTV airs reruns constantly, so it’ll be impossible for you to avoid a glance at these Hollywood drama queens.

I’ve always leaned towards Team Kristin, so when I found out that she was coming to The Hills, I was “stoked.” I always liked how she was portrayed on Laguna Beach, mainly  because she was a man eater. (Kristin, if you’re reading this, you shouldn’t have ditched Stephen Colletti. Come on, girl!)

My roommate and I agree that she has this way of getting what she wants, even when other girls want it first. MTV has been using this bad girl, backstabbing-beyotch reputation of Kristin’s to advertise this new season, i.e. “The Bitch is Back,” and I think it’s working. (more…)