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Adele’s New Hit to Be James Bond Theme

Posted: October 14, 2012 by jerkmagblog in BLARE -- music
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With the latest James Bond movie coming to theatres November 9th, you better believe that not only will it be amazing, but so will it’s soundtrack; more specifically: it’s theme song. Titled just like the movie, Adele’s “Skyfall,” is her new musical track to gain some major popularity within the beginning weeks of its debut.

With her soulful and sultry voice, complimenting the ever-mysterious aspects of the movie, the song easily finds its way to the top singles list.

Like all other James Bond musical themes, Skyfall has all the requirements necessary for the kick-ass movie. Heavy orchestral instruments, smooth transitions, and most importantly: the feeling of danger.

Adele was a little bit hesitant to take her twist to the new James Bond song due to the immense pressure and world-wide fan craze the movie has. Yet, she does a perfect job of achieving all expectations of a James Bond film track. You can listen to it here. Repeat if you have to, I know I did.

– Sophia Kim