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Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, and now SoundCloud.  It’s evident that, nowadays, playing music on iTunes is people’s last resort when looking for new jams.  I have recently found a new love for SoundCloud.  I’ve known about the website for some time (as you can tell from previous posts), but had never really used it up until recently.  One thing I’ve found is that SoundCloud is the haven of techno and house remixes.  So, obviously, I love it.

SoundCloud allows users to digitally stream tracks they upload and then share them with the online community.  These tracks can simply be copies of already released tracks, or in most cases, have the user’s original spin on the track.  This can mean the song is either remixed or covered.  SoundCloud is basically YouTube minus the videos.  But, there are so many more exciting features to the website.



I remember the day my dad and I went to buy my sister her first iPod.  It was for her eighth grade graduation (she has now graduated college to put things in perspective). I remember, back then, being so confused as to why she would want an iPod. 10 years later, hand an iPad to a two-year-old, and I guarantee you they will know how to operate it.

I can’t imagine the world today without the invention of iPods and iTunes.  What was the music industry before it went digital?  Of course, there were several MP3 players on the market before the iPod took off, but there was nothing as innovative.  For the first time, music was truly portable.  No more cassette tapes, CDs, or even Walkmans.

It wasn’t simply the introduction of the iPod that revolutionized the music industry, but also the launch of iTunes. It was iTunes that paved the way for hundreds of other digital music outlets.  Since then, we’ve seen the launch of YouTube, Soundcloud, and more recently, Spotify.  But everything always comes back to iTunes, the main threshold that holds every music file in its perfect library and playlists.  It’s almost ironic that as we bid a sad adieu to Steve Jobs, iTunes, too, is slowly beginning to die out.  When free music streaming is now as easily obtainable as snow in a Syracuse winter, why pay $1.29 for a song?

Even if iTunes has seen its better days, it will take a while for something to top the iPod/iPhone portable music player.  And for that, we say thanks, Steve.  Below is a remix by DJ Chuckie dedicated to Steve Jobs.  This song is sick, and a serious gift from me to you.  So be appreciative, and jam out.

-Hayley Isaacson

In 2008, a new music computer software called Spotify was released in Stockholm, Sweden.  As it spread to other countries in Europe, the company received high compliments from both the press as well as celebrities.  According to Spotify’s website, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is quoted as saying, “Spotify is so good,” and the Los Angeles Times claimed, “It blows the doors off anything on the market.”  Finally, after years of battling with US record labels, Spotify has come to America.

So what exactly is Spotify?  Spotify, like iTunes, is a computer software that distributes and plays music.  However, unlike iTunes, Spotify has three subscription options.  These options are Spotify Free (price implied), Spotify Unlimited ($5/month) and Spoitfy Premium, the ultimate Spotify experience ($10/month).  Normally, I would be inclined to say that Spotify is just another subscription music service, but it really isn’t.

On March 29, Wiz Khalifa’s album, Rolling Papers hit the store shelves. With his new single “Roll Up” reaching the No. 1 spot on iTunes, racking up over 55 million views for the infamous “Black &Yellow” video, and being on the covers of Rolling Stone and Vibe magazines, there’s no reason why we should expect anything less than great for the album sales. There are two problems, though, that stand in the way of Rolling Papers sales going through the roof:

1) Wiz’s album will likely be duke-ing it out with the new Britney Spears album this week for the top of the charts.

2) The album has leaked online. But Wiz isn’t upset about it. Wiz tweeted, “roll one for leaks….march 29th,” advising folks to… well, we all know what recreational activity Wiz is a proud proponent of.

Rolling Papers features the likes of Too $hort, Curren$y, and Chevy Woods, with production handled by E. Dan and Big Jerm, with Stargate and Jim Jonsin each mastering a track.

Check out Wiz’s latest video for “Roll Up” (click the pic above).

And while you’re at it, check out Bad Boy artist Cassie’s new hair-do in the video. She’s got a Mohawk with a long mane stretching down the middle of her back. Would you consider her a trend setter? I think not.

-Christina Jones

Those of you who played video games in the 80s, or just like to go back and play video games from the 80s, should know Double Dragon. It’s the classic side-scrolling, beat ‘em up game that was an arcade hit back in the day. And now, more than 20 years later, Double Dragon has made its way to a smaller screen: the iPhone.

Released March 3, Double Dragon hit the iTunes app store for $3.99. The game is filled with revamped graphics, remixed music, new combat options and more. So are all these new features worth saving your quarters? (more…)

Everyone remembers this popular 90’s song. Imagine if you could feel intense orgasmic pleasure while LISTENING to this song in your pants? The funny thing is that you can! There’s a new vibrator out there (I REALLY want to try) that you plug into your iPod and it vibrates to the beats of the song you’re listening to.

The new vibrator called “OhMiBod” comes in multiple colors and can be purchased with various lubes and accessories. In March 2010 they came out with the wireless OhMiBod so you can enjoy the rhythms without the cords.

Not only can you listen to your own playlists with this vibrator, but “OhMiBod” will suggest songs for you.  On iTunes, you can download exclusive “OhMiBod” music specifically chosen because of the intensity of the bass or beats in the songs. Some people are really passionate about their music, others are really passionate about their sex. Why not combine them? Makes perfect sense to me.

– Alicia Aiello