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This is what they have instead of WALK signs

This is what they have instead of WALK signs

On my recent trip to Ireland I realized two very important things. 1) Leprechauns exist. Many Irish people are just really short. 2) Half the kids who go to Syracuse are Irish and secretly leprechauns, which is why I rarely find a guy tall enough to date my 5’8 stature. Twas a learning experience for all.

We gals started our journey in hoppin’ Dublin, where I officially fell in love with old Irish men. Even when just offering to give me (an obviously lost tourist) some directions, they ooze jolliness. I don’t care if they have beer on their breath. (more…)

The Murals

Posted: March 24, 2009 by sarahlizparker in POP - pop culture
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I still remember the first mural I saw in Belfast.

belfast-muralPainted on the side of the Sinn Fein offices, in a Catholic-dominated neighborhood, is Bobby Sands oversized face. He was a member of the Irish Republican Army (IRA), and a hero after his publicized death in 1981. Covering the entire side of the office building the mural stretches two stories high; below his smiling face a sparrow breaks free of a chain; and above his head an eagle breaks freee. A famous quote said by Bobby borders the portrait: “Anyone republican or otherwise has their own particular role to play… our revenge will be the laughter of our children.”

Bobby’s mural is one of many. It can stand as an incredible visual image, but it’s also an integral part of a larger body of political, social, and historical murals in the city. The murals of Belfast, as a collective, are incredible for their ability to turn art into tools of awareness—an achievement that’s as impressive as it is lasting. (more…)