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Okay, this is seriously cool.  When it comes to music there are usually only two ways to consume it: listening or watching. Bjork has now introduced a third consumption method to get your daily tunes, and that is on your iPad!  Leave it up to Bjork to be the first on this inventive train.

Bjork’s new album “Biophilia” puts the listeners in the hands of the music with its new interactive iPad app that complements the album.  This app allows listeners to completely remix the tracks in their own hands.  Users have the ability to change instruments, change track processing, change volume and tempo levels and interact with all of these options via a picture interface.  Users also have the control of the beat, vocal mixing, presence of vocals at all and even the arrangement of the song.


Many people tend be embarrassed when their underwear hangs out from their pants, but one museum has decided to pay homage to the evolution of the undergarment. Showing the changes and challenges that underwear has endured throughout history, The History Center in Ithaca, NY has a new exhibit called “Underneath It All Underwear Through the Ages.”

Displaying underwear that dates back to the 1800s, the exhibit includes items from the museum’s textile collection and items that were donated by the public. The museums objective through this exhibit is to “give us a glimpse of people of the past in a way that something more overt like a jacket or shirt won’t,” Execitive Director Scott Callan said.

While underwear is an interesting and unusual way to look at history, Jerk also feels like there are other items that might make good exhibits for the evolution of history. Here are some of our ideas:


Give Me Some Noise for the iPad

Posted: February 23, 2010 by bmbartel in Uncategorized
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Ever since the release of the new iPad, one of the things that has come up lately on many sites is the music behind the pad.  What artists will be on the commercials?  Some artists have been on random videos for the iPad, but there has yet to be any commercial put up for television.

Many people are posting prediction about who they will choose to promote this new piece of technology.  When I was browsing through the web and looking through my music blogs, I noticed the blog called “Music For Kids Who Can’t Read Good” had some awesome predictions.  They said on the keynote for iPad there were artists such as Muse, Spoon, the Decemberists, and Alicia Keys.   (more…)

By this point in time, you’ve surely been acquainted with Apple’s new in devours in the female hygiene market with its latest in “game-changing” technology, the iPad. If you haven’t seen one yet, be sure to visit Apple’s website for images and videos. Or, if that’ too much work for you, grab a friend’s iPod Touch and look at it under a magnifying glass. Ta-da it’s the future! Yeah right. Go back into hibernation, Steve Jobs.

For us self-proclaimed Apple enthusiasts, there has been a lot of disappointment about the new iPad and Internet users have been quick to respond. From across the World Wide Web, I am proud to introduce you to the truth about the iPad, or, as many Twitter users like to refer to it, the “iTampon.”