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It’s a shame I’m saying this, but yes, I have gotten the infamous Senioritis…already. I have all the symptoms of it: wanting to skipping class, no motivation whatsoever, mood swings, boredom, laziness, unproductive all-nighters, and lounging around everywhere. What sucks the most is that it’s midterm week and I caught this deadly disease. But I think I know what really caused this: The Career Fair.

Almost every time this event comes around, I get depressed and stressed because I have to dress up, get my résumés all polished and ready, and have my A game on. Then when I get to the event, I just feel hopeless and lost because most of the companies are looking for U.S. citizens. After that, I break down and cry–just kidding.


Who's this handsome devil?

Who's this handsome devil?

At the Institut d’Etudes Politiques, or Sciences Po of Strasbourg, the girls outnumber the guys 10 to 1.

Feeling that Lady Luck was with me one day, I decided to ask this one girl out to lunch. What could be the harm in sharing some good old cafeteria food? (Secret Milillo trait I picked up from my Uncle Angelo, may he rest in peace: when asking a girl out, for example, to the movies, tell her specifically to meet you at the concessions’ stand).

I met her at the student cafeteria on the corner by the tramway stop and we went in. We stood in line, placed the food on our trays, paid separately, and sat down. Crowded. Noisy. Cheap food. This girl had no idea what she was in for. (more…)