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Everyone is looking for ways to lose weight even if it looks, sounds, is obnoxious. Oh hey drink this “smoothie” and stand on your head I swear it works. Okay well I’ve never heard that one but come on you know what I’m talking about. Crazy ideas and routines to do to shed those extra pounds that probably will come right back after you quit what you’re doing. And please, quit, because what you’re doing is probably not healthy or just makes you look like a fool anyway.

Yet, these people took exercise to the next level. The corporate level. Who thought turning your desk into a treadmill would work? This guy.

Craig Engler saw how working out wasn’t fitting into his schedule and took it to the extreme. Not only did he start working out, but also started exercising during work hours. How? By turning his desk into a treadmill or turning his treadmill into a desk, whichever way. By walking or jogging during work he lost roughly 65 pounds. Congrats.

Now to me this is a little extreme. I get bringing the gym to you and adding it into your work time so you don’t have to go to the gym but spending over $1000 on it? No fucking way. If you have money to do this and really care that much then be my guest but seriously walk to the gym or go run around the block a few times a week. That’s free.

Other people have tried the recent bandwagon switch to sitting on an exercise ball at work instead of an office chair. This does burn a few more calories than sitting in a chair but as recent doctors have discussed it has a higher risk of injury. As discussed in an article on the New York Times Health page, The Claim: Replacing Your Desk Chair With an Exercise Ball can Improve Your Posture, studies show more slumping and slouching on the ball than in a regular chair.

As stated in the article by Anahad O’Connor, “A study last year, by Dutch researchers, compared workers who did hour-long typing tasks on exercise balls and while seated in office chairs with armrests. The balls produced more muscle activity and 33 percent more ‘trunk motion.’ But they also produced more spinal shrinkage.” So I guess changing up your work environment isn’t always the best thing.

When deciding to change something in your life, even if it is just a chair, make sure it is for the best and will not harm your body or work ethic in the process.

-Brooke Leone

This is the kind of stuff that makes me mad at myself for sitting around watching Seinfeld episodes and being a bum during the summer. This is easily one of the simplest, yet intriguing innovations I have seen in awhile.

Tembo Trunks are an idea that emerged as two friends were traveling through Africa. Have you ever been in a situation where the volume on your iPhone wasn’t loud enough, so you simply made a cup like shape with your hand to amply the sound? Well hopefully you have. Tembo Trunks operates on the same concept. They are the first speakers of their kind; a speaker system that requires no batteries. Which was the main goal of the innovation. It’s made out of silicone and is nearly indestructible.

How does a speaker system work without power? Well – it’s not really a speaker system. In fact, the volume would probably not be satisfactory for a lot of people. The way it works is the smaller end of the cone shape is designed so that your classic Apple headphones can fit snuggly into the whole. With that setup, the cone geometry does the rest, and amplifies the sound from the bigger end. If you want to get your moves on while listening to Skrillex, this probably isn’t the kind of bass system you’re looking for.

What really intrigued me was the idea. It’s so simple, innovative, and cheap. Furthermore, the website that hosts this innovation is a great one too, Kickstarter If you click the link to read more about the project, you can see that this project has raised $88,321, above and beyond their original goal of $10,000. If you’re an innovator and believe you have the next best idea, this is the website to check out.

Check out this video for a review (skip to 1:30)… maybe not so impressive after all? Judge it for yourself, and don’t forget, after all it did raise almost a 100 grand.

-Can Cakmak