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On May 22nd of this year, Ingrid Michaelson released her music video for her single Blood Brothers, which takes on costume changes to become Amy Winehouse, Marilyn Monroe, Gene Simons, John Lennon and many more. This concept is a new one for Ingrid, but while creating the idea for the music video, this came directly from her.

I honestly love Ingrid Michaelson and think she’s a unique innocent artist with a lot of talent. She gets a lot of credit for her music, but I think she deserves even more.

As the artist gets attention for this video, she also is packing venues with her upcoming tour. She’s visiting us in Upstate New York July 20th in Buffalo and the 21st in Rochester. I’m personally going to the Buffalo show and would love to see some familiar faces there with me! For more concert dates and Ingrid info visit .

-Brooke Leone

Oh Josh Ritter, I'll be your Northern Lights

This week’s edition of Music Monday is featuring a tribute to Valentine’s Day, but we’re bringing you two playlists. We can either be the assholes that hate Valentine’s Day or the saps that love it, so here’s both because there is no winning either way. Even if we ignore it, we still look like dicks. So fuck you Valentine’s Day for putting us in this awful position (but don’t leave us because for this one day only, we’ll love you). So here’s part one: “Love Songs that Don’t Make Us Want to Vomit.”