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Keep Calm, Rage On.

Posted: October 13, 2012 by jerkmag in ZONE -- syracuse
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As much as the title says it all, and elaboration is not necessary, don’t doubt I will spend the entirety of this article bitching about how difficult it is to go out under the stiffening practices of increased DPS officers.

While I do appreciate the commitment to student safety that DPS undoubtedly has, it is more than annoying that every party for the past two weeks has been shut down after merely 20 minutes. We get it, gang violence, though they will not admit it, has DPS worried. They have increased their staff, lengthened their hours, and cracked down on practices. But where in their new and improved safety contracts does it say that on and off campus parties are a threat to be reckoned with? If they are worried about gang members, or any other non-students making their way into parties, then have DPS monitors at the entrance, requiring a SUID for entry. That procedure was practiced by DPS last year at major parties, and from what I remember about one of those parties, is that there were no problems whatsoever.  If parties need to be more closely monitored this year then so be it, but don’t shut every single one down!

Partying is a necessary part of college life here at Syracuse University, and for over 50,000 a year we deserve the right to do so. We have an incredibly active Greek life on campus, as well as major Fiesta Frog party networking, so the chances of us not partying are slim. DPS is just making it unnecessarily harder, by breaking up even the most innocent of gatherings for absurd reasons. We understand safety of campus events is in jeopardy, but we are students here and if were not too worried about it then others shouldn’t be either!

Keep Calm and Rage On.

– Deanna Viel