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For those of you who think superheroes are invincible, think again.  In the upcoming game Spider-Man: Edge of Time, it is reported that Peter Parker will die.  For those of you who don’t know Peter Parker (or are too dumb to read between the lines), his death means the death of his alter ego, Spider-Man.  So now this raises the question, how can you play a game with a dead main character? (more…)

According to, a new installment in the Burnout series, subtitled ‘Crash’, is coming to a console near you.  The development of this game was discovered when the Australian Classification Board rated it PG.

For those who don’t know, Burnout is a series of racing games that is known for its high speeds, crazy “take-downs”, and most importantly, the infamous Crash Mode.  Crash Mode has become so infamous because its sole purpose is to crash your car into traffic and have everyone else run into you.  This of course, causes a big ass pile-up and an even bigger traffic jam.  While the Burnout series is probably my favorite racing game, there is one thing that concerns me about this announcement.

Gamerbytes, another video games website, stated that early ratings with little prior announcement are often downloadable games.  This speculation worries me because I would like a new fully-fledged Burnout game, not just a dinky little download game with limited options.  Again, this part is only speculation, but I still hope that it will not turn out to be true.  To my knowledge, there is no set release date for Burnout Crash, but definitely keep an eye out for one.

-Mike Thal

Gears of War 3 out September

Gears of War, the popular, and ever so gory, third -person shooter series now has an official release date for its third and final installment. Gears of War 3, which was originally set to be released sometime this spring, now has an official release date of September 20, 2011 (IGN).  IGN also states that there is some speculation as to whether the game will use Kinect, Microsoft’s new motion sensor technology for the Xbox 360.
I’m sorry, but what?  Motion sensors for a shooting game?  Don’t get me wrong, I think Kinect is a really cool concept.  Motion sensing technology without a controller is a fantastic idea.  But how that could possibly be efficient in shooter?  Imagine, when you have to go into cover, you dive behind your couch.  Or maybe baseball pitch motion could activate a grenade toss.  Either way, it just sounds ridiculous in concept, and I’m pretty sure that most people playing Gears of War are not avid Kinect gamers.

And that, my friends, is what really grinds my gears of war.

– Michael Thal