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Has anyone seen this (fake or real?) video, “Greatest Freak Out Ever?” Couldn’t have articulated it any better. It is indeed of EPIC proportions.

Basically, some geek lost his “World of Warcraft” account, the virtual game synonymous with suspenders, wedgies and taped-up glasses. Some of the highlights include the kid trampling into the room huffing and puffing. This is so funny. He’s pacing back and forth like some type of caged animal. Put this video in black and white, digitally place some bars in front of the screen and we have ourselves a little recording from the 1940’s. The world’s first Siberian Tiger in captivity, ladies and gentlemen.

This marathon freak out doesn’t stop there. He starts hissing and fists-stomps his bed. Someone give me another animal analogy because I can’t figure out what he sounds like: a spider monkey or a frightened deer? This part might be the single, greatest gorilla impersonation I’ve ever seen. He doesn’t even need the suit.

As the video goes on, it feels like something takes over his entire body. The kid starts to convulse rapidly, doing the world’s worst complete-body, carb burner workout. This ‘aint The Exorcist. What is going on? The dude’s body just starts pulsating all over the place, stretching like Gumby.

“I wanna run away and never come back…I swear, you’ll never see me again!”

The kid is at the point now where the depression over the loss has zapped all of his will to live. I wouldn’t be surprised if he pulled a can of gasoline from under his bed and chugged.

The rest of the video screams mental-health institute. He’s now in his underwear, trudges in and out of his closet and attempts to use a remote as a sex tool.

“I hate my life!”

People, please attempt to emulate. This is awesome.