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Style as Identity: Iris Apfel

Posted: November 3, 2011 by jerkmag in TRIM -- style
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Iris Apfel is one of those figures I have seen in thousands of photographs in the past few years. Her sense of style is eccentric, yet you can tell there is a method to the madness, so respect must be granted. I have observed her from a distance, never knowing who she is or what she does. She has the air of a woman with stories, someone you might want to listen to even if you might not agree with what she has to offer. Recently, she was interviewed by the Telegraph, and I was definitely right: she muses about New York in the 50s, the way the youth dress now and speaks audaciously about celebrities… then  again, at 90, why would she care what we think?

Her particular view on style is something that I completely acquiesce to:

“You can’t try to be somebody you’re not; that’s not style. If someone says, ‘Buy this, you’ll be stylish,’ you won’t be stylish because you won’t be you. You have to learn who you are first and that’s painful.”

-Nadjma Sako